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Greetings from Spain
From: Anubis LD <livingdeaddivision () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 21:15:55 +0100

Hello to all the people who is reading this,

First of all I´m sorry for the people who received this twice. I put it
first in the GsC list but suggested by Luis (thanks!) I will put here to
with the idea to have all the feedback possible, so thanks for your time
guys, I hope don´t disturb so much.

I would like to introduce myself to this mailing list. I´m Sergio from
Madrid, Spain and I would be really interested in work with nmap for this
I ´m studying the 2nd course of computer engineering in Carlos III
University of Madrid , and I really have several doubts about try to apply
to this project.
The person who spoke with us about the GsC yesterday in the class was
working with you in the past 2 editions (working on Nping he said) and it
was a really inspiring talk, but to be honest my doubts are in this way...I
would have the knowledgments for work with you?

In this years I learn to programm mainly in java, but too I learn a little
C, pascal, clips...I think that maybe in not a very usefull way to the real
life and projects, so this is why I´m so interesting in this. Not at all in
the money, too I´m more interesting in the  knowledge and the experience
that I could take in this project. Working with more people in a real and
totally usefull project, learning almost from scratch the things that I
would need etc...
I think that the most suitable project for me would be the scripting
engine, because I have some experience in scripts (bash and batch) and and
eager to learn new things in the security environment (I hope that my future
work will be in this way)

As I said maybe I´m not have the enought knowledgements now but I think
that I´m a very determined person so if I have the chance I would try my
best to give the 110% to could be at day with the work and try to end the
project in time. From your point of view this is possible ? or its just a
dream and I would wait one or two years more to have more skills?

Thanks for your time and sorry in advance for my english, I usually don´t
practice it so much so maybe I´m making the things very bad...this is other
reason to try to work in an international project!

All your opinions will be very helpful.

-- <http://www.youtube.com/user/LivingDeadDivision>
UC3M, Madrid.
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