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Re: nmap in GSoC - student idea
From: Hiemanshu Sharma <hiemanshu () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 16:42:12 +0530

1) Updating everything to current python and Qt (and also lay
foundation for a python 3 port)

What do you mean by "current Python"? We use the most recent Python 2.6
and PyGTK as far as I know. We don't use Qt at all. If we move to Python
3, we would abandon the Python 2 code completely (unless we can make the
same code work on both)--we don't want to maintain two copies of the

I am planning to redesign it in PyQt because for one the libs in GNOME 3 are
going to change, and you would have to maintain two copies for it if you
want to support both (Qt works on all 3 OSes much better than GTK does and
also supports mobile devices)
As for python 3, I am going to try and do the best to make the code
compatible between both python 2.7 and python 3.

2) Adding a new save as option to save as HTML (fancy reports are cool)

This is a nice idea. We have documentation on making HTML reports from

What do you think would be the best way to do this? Fork and call
xsltproc? Or is there a convenient XSLT processor in Python?

There are bindings for libxml and libxslt which should do the job.

3) Checking for targets in the GUI before even sending it to the
backend (http://i.imgur.com/TOrRQ.png shouldn't happen, it should tell
you even before it starts that its illegal)

This is a good idea. It can warn you (though color or whatever), but it
must still allow you to run any command you want. Otherwise we have to
duplicate all of Nmap's target parsing exactly in Python.

Just a simple check which verifies the target, it shouldn't be too much code

4) Also check for the options being sent to the console (this is
something that can keep changing every version but the GUI should be
patched to support the new options as well)

This is another one where it can warn you, but it must still run exactly
the command you type. It should be possible to upgrade Nmap
independently of Zenmap. We take extraordinary measures to handle
unknown options intelligently in Zenmap: see zenmapCore/NmapOptions.py.

This is one that needs a little more thinking and should be worked out

5) The tabs that are empty shouldn't be displayed

I'm not so sure. If I only see three tabs, for example, how will I know
how to make the others appear? How will I know when all available tabs
are displayed?

Which tabs can be empty, anyway? Sometime Topology, while not exactly
empty, shows only a single unhelpful dot if you don't enable traceroute.
But the others always display something after running a single scan,

For example the services tab is empty when you only do a ping scan, etc

6) Show the console output the current way but when scan is complete
show the output in a new fancy window (with the current tabs and other

Can you make a mockup of this? It sounds like an interesting idea but I
can't picture what you're describing.

Well I double checked this and the current setup of the GUI is just fine, it
doesn't need to be changed.

7) Add options to show new scans in a new window or the current way
(Preferences? )

Whether scans are shown in the same window indicates whether they are
part of the same aggregation.
I admit this probably isn't very intuitive for people. Currently, the
way to do what you describe is 1) New Window and 2) Scan. But I can see
there being an option for where you want the scan to appear, like we
have menu items "Open Scan" and "Open Scan in This Window".

Well yes there are going to be more options in the preferences. One of them
being if it should aggregate all the results together or keep them separate

8) "Where is my documentationz?" Currently there is no help that can
be seen from the GUI (This is fine for *most* linux users, but imagine
a windows user with no internet connection[doing a test on a internal
network in his basement] will have no access to the documentation, the
current man page can be put up in the help section, but it should be

I agree with you. We have a Help menu option, but it just shows a short
HTML page directing you to online documentation.

It's not completely true that there is no help inside the program. In
the profile editor we have mouseover help for all the Nmap options. That
help is stored in share/zenmap/misc/profile_editor.xml.

Yes but it should still display the current man page (this isnt
very intuitive and not everyone would know about this)

This is just a few changes that I think the GUI needs right now, I am
sure there are a lot more stuff to be changed, but not all ideas don't
occur instantly.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

For more ideas, look in the file todo/nmap.txt for items tagged
[Zenmap]. Two that I consider high-priority, that would be great to do
this summer, are

o [Zenmap] should actually parse and use script results. See

This seems like a very nice feature to add and use in Zenmap.

o Make Zenmap settings get upgraded when the Zenmap executable is
 upgraded. The per-user configuration files such as scan_profile.usp
 and zenmap.conf are never overwritten once installed by Zenmap, so
 changes and fixes to those files don't reach anyone who has
 installed Zenmap already. This is most noticeable with changes to
 profiles and highlight definitions are notably affected. This fix
 may involve hard-coding settings that are not normally configured by
 users (like highlighting) or updating the per-user files at startup
 (only those parts that haven't been changed by the user).

Yes, I am looking at this right now, and the other stuff  that are tagged
for zenmap.


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