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Re: [NSE] Dropbox LanSync host collection
From: Patrik Karlsson <patrik () cqure net>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 13:36:59 +0100

On 14 jan 2011, at 17.46, Andrew Orr wrote:

Usage/output patch attached as requested. Note this is against the current script in svn.

On a side note - while we were working on this script (and just now when I was testing it again) we ran into the 
problem of trying to bind to a port already in use - ie if you're running the dropbox client on the system you're 
scanning from. You can see this in the debug output (-d3) but IIRC we couldn't figure out a way to catch this from 
NSE and display a decent error message.

I just looked at this and as far as I can tell the problem occurs as the real bind isn't performed until a send or 
receive operation is called on the unconnected UDP socket.
The bind call simply populates the socket parameters so that they contain the correct values once the real bind is 
called. I'm not really sure of how to handle/fix this.

Debug output is: NSOCK (0.0820s) Bind to failed (IOD #1)

In this case, the nmap.new_socket("udp").bind() call is returning a true status in this case when it seemingly should 
be false. Anyone encounter this before?

On another side note, at our next hackathon (Saturday) we're baking cupcakes for [1]. If only nmap scripts were as 
tasty as cupcakes :P.


[1] http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Global_Hackerspace_Cupcake_Challenge

On 11-01-14 12:33 AM, Fyodor wrote:
On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 06:30:49PM -0600, Mak Kolybabi wrote:
Yesterday we had the first of (hopefully) many hackathons here in Winnipeg. We
decided to write a bunch of Nmap scripts as our activity. Attached is the first
of these scripts, submitted for (hopefully) inclusion into Nmap. More will

This looks great, and David has checked it in.  But can someone add
(or send me a patch for) @output information to this script for the
NSEDoc?  I think adding @usage is a good idea too, since the
auto-generated default usage at
http://nmap.org/nsedoc/scripts/broadcast-dropbox-listener.html isn't
reall appropriate for this script (you don't really need to specify
targets).  Also, it would be great if the description mentioned that
it can optionally add discovered dropbox IPs to the Nmap target list
(with --newtargets).  Maybe that could be one of the examples in the
new @usage section.

Actually I just updated the description a bit, but @output and @usage
would still be very nice.

I'm going through all the new scripts (45 of them! Wow!) to document
the upcoming release.

I hope you have more Nmap hackathons!

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Patrik Karlsson

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