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Colin Rice Status Report #9 of 17
From: "Colin L. Rice" <ricec2 () rpi edu>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 22:10:15 -0700


1) Random updater improvement mostly focused on the options. Set up an
update server on a nmap server for testing.
2) Redid the dual mode of ncat to be a lot more solid of a design as
well as a lot cleaner. Implemented it in a branch for -l, -l -u,
--broker, --proxy. All these modes will listen on in6addr_any and
INETADDR_ANY by default unless you pass them a -6,-4 or a specific
hostname to listen on. If you pass them a port they still listen on both
IPV4 and IPV6 but will use that port instead of the default port for
3)Also made the default nmap af be AF_UNSPEC instead of AF_INET4 which
allows stuff like ncat ::1 and ncat localhost to work without forcing
you to use a -6 or -4 tag. It also simplifies the handling of -4 and -6
a fair bit in the code.

1) Post the branch diff onto nmap-dev or show it to david.
2) Possibly implement --chat mode and fix the IPV4 client to IPV6 server
3) See if I can knock out a bunch of the udp expected fails since I'm
touching the code already.
4) Meeting with David.
5) Test the updater modes more carefully. I think the options work but I
haven't done enough testing with them to make sure they don't fail.

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