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Re: Shinnok's Status Report - #9 of 17
From: Shinnok <admin () shinnok com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 14:07:30 +0300

Forgot to add a minor(but important) fixed issue with Zenmap, just in
case someone has been looking for this too be fixed, it should be on the
mailing list:

*[Zenmap]Wait for the nmap subprocess return exit code, otherwise the
subprocesses will
enter a defunct(zombie) state.[r24235]


On 06/28/2011 10:08 AM, Shinnok wrote:
Greetings nmap-dev,


*Fixed one bug in Nmap r24208, a dangling pointer free.

*Created a MS Visual Studio build configuration to Nmap
 that build only Ncat portable.[r24242]

*Changed "Slow comprehensive scan" profile script selection in Zenmap
 to include all scripts in default category as well as all scripts that
 are both in discovery and safe categories.[r24299]
 -script "default or (discovery and safe)"

*Fixed a bunch of Nmap compiler warnings across Nmap related
 to unref. locals, type conversion safety and no return control
 paths in r24246,r24300 and r24309.

*Zenmap now properly kills the nmap scan subprocess on Windows[24308]

*Added a new test in Ncat's test suite[24373]

*Investigated Michael Lubinski's report of "NMAP Discrepancies"
 Further action required for him in order to proceed.

*Had Meeting with David

*Reverse merged the Ncat SSL hang issue, a better solution
 has to be devised, after talking with David.

*Updated nmap/CHANGELOG with with the Zenmap changes.

*Brushed up and updated my TODO file


*Refactor Ncat SSL hanging issue (in nmap-exp/)
*Fix Ncat's man page
*Pick up any other new or pending/hanging tasks in my TODO file

Best Regards,

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