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Re: Ncat portable for Windows (static edition)
From: Shinnok <admin () shinnok com>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:35:56 +0300

Hey Fyodor,

On 06/30/2011 12:39 AM, Fyodor wrote:
Thanks Shinnok.  This will be good news for all of the people who have
requested this.

I see that you put instructions into ncat/INSTALL.  While that is a
logical place, and the instructions are well written, I think it would
be better to have this on SecWiki.  That makes it easier to update and
maintain, and also allows better formatting (links, bullet lists,

Would you please make a page on SecWiki.org and move this information
there?  You could then remove the information from INSTALL and instead
add a link to SecWiki there.  As for the page name, maybe

Removed the instructions from INSTALL and left a note with a link to the
afferent Secwiki page in r24505.

Once the new page is ready, please let me know so I can update the
CHANGELOG appropriately.  If you can do this fast enough, maybe we can
get it into the CHANGELOG for the 5.59BETA1 release (due out tonight
or tomorrow, I think).

Hopefully, it was fast enough. The page is a first draft, but it look
good enough, I'll improve it further later.

Of course having a large set of compilation instructions is only part
of the solution.  Most users don't want to deal with that.  So I think
we should distribute a portable version of Ncat from
http://nmap.org/ncat/.  Let's wait for the Nmap 5.60 release (due in
the next couple weeks, probably) and build it then.

I wasn't even thinking that we won't distribute an official Ncat
Portable, otherwise the build instructions have limited visibility.
We definitely must distribute an official release, most likely in
parallel with new Nmap/Ncat stable releases, otherwise other people will
be forced to distribute unofficial releases like for the original
Netcat, which have a trust factor of 0 in most cases.

If it proves to
be extremely possible, we can then look into going farther (things
like including the static SSL libraries in the Nmap tarball and/or
making the Ncat in normal Nmap packages static and/or even offering
static versions of the other members of the Nmap suite of tools).
I'll add a note to the Nmap TODO so we don't forget.

The only big pain in the ass is WinPcap and it's kernel drivers for
Windows. So everything that uses that is a no-no. I am thinking about
some hacks(binary packing and runtime unpacking and automatic driver
loading) but that is not nice for the end-user, so I'll keep it to my
self, for now. :-)

I'll add this research to my low priority todo list and when works gets
thin(not in the near future) or I feel like taking a switch from another
task, I'll dive into it.

PS: What about Linux static binaries?

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