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Re: GSoC Cloud Scanning Platform Proposal
From: Nick Nikolaou <nikolasnikolaou1 () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 15:36:17 +0100


Since the deadline is in a few hours (19:00 UTC), I would suggest you submit
your proposal to the website and make any necessary changes later if you
have to.

As Fyodor said, It would be a shame if you couldn't participate because a
last minute issue caused you to miss the deadline.


On 8 April 2011 15:25, Alexey Nayden <alexey.nayden () gmail com> wrote:


Thank you for an advice, I’ve downloaded Rainmap code and looked through
it. I should admit the code is pretty nice. On the other side, it has quite
simple UI and capabilities, but it’s Nmap options parser is gorgeous!
Additionally the project contains a TODO-file with numerous ideas and some
problems to fix.

I think I could use Nmap Options Parser code in my project because it’s
great and saves a lot of time, but I’d like to start the UI from the
beginning — of course based on the current Rainmap ideas, anyway it wouldn’t
take too much time. I would use RabbitMQ configuration from the Rainmap as

Here’s the application form I plan to post to GSoC website

Basic/Contact Information

       • Your Name: Alexey Nayden
       • Email Address: alexey.nayden () gmail com
       • Instant messenger names and protocols (if any): gtalk
alexey.nayden () gmail com
       • Telephone number (optional): +7 911 259 4221
       • If you have a URL for your résumé/CV, please list it here: —
       • If you wish to list any personal/blog/LinkedIn/Twitter URLs, do so
here:  —

Project Selection

       • Top Project Choice (If choosing one from the Nmap ideas page):
Nmap Cloud Scanning Platform
       • Are you willing and able to do other projects instead? Not in Nmap
project, unfortunately. I’m not so good at c/c++ programming.

       • Please describe in a few lines your C/C++ knowledge or experience
(if any): I mainly use c/c++ for AVR microcontroller programming now. I used
to develop some minor tools with C++ and MFC, but I’m not an experienced
developer in that area anyway.
       • Please describe any Lua, Python, Perl, or other scripting language
knowledge/experience: I use Python, Perl and TCL when I have to, but it
mainly consists of code reading, some changes and developing plugins —
eggdrop scripts, for example. On the other side Ruby is my primary language,
I use it almost everyday — for local scripts (if a problem can’t be solved
in 3-5 line bash-script), web-spiders, data processing apps and
       • Please describe any Windows development experience: I used to work
with a little bit of C++/MFC a couple of years ago and I have 2-year
experience in C#/WinForms/ASP.NET development of commercial applications.
       • Please describe any UNIX development experience: all my projects
run on UNIX machines, so maybe it could be named UNIX-development, but I’m
almost not using platform-specific features.
       • Please describe any Mac development experience: I use Mac as my
primary machine, but I haven’t written anything mac-specific except some
       • Please describe any previous Nmap usage experience: I use Nmap
from time to time to test machines under my control or the ones I am
interested in (not meaning any kind of abuse or hacking, of course).
       • Please describe any previous Nmap development experience: none
       • Please describe any previous Open Source development experience: I
have some commits in Rails core, so I’m pretty familiar with the OSS
development process (bugzilla/lighthouse, patches, tests, documentation,
discussions before importing the code to upstream etc.)
       • If possible, include a link to source code you've written, such as
a school or personal project: https://github.com/anayden/habrafiles — a
Sinatra-based file sharing web-app;
https://github.com/anayden/chordpro_processor a very small utility to
convert plain text chord files to a chord pro format;
https://github.com/anayden/DParser — web-spider collecting girls’ profiles
on a dating website :)
       • Have you participated in any previous Summer of Code projects? If
so (and it wasn't Nmap), please describe your projects and experience. Be
sure to mention the years involved and the name of your former mentors. Nope
       • Have you applied for (or intend to) any other 2011 Summer of Code
projects? If so, which ones? No.

       • What school do you attend? St.Peterbsurg State University,
Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Computer Science Department
       • What degree are you pursuing (include the specialty/major)?
Master’s Degree in «Mathematics Foundations of Computer Science»
       • How many years have you attended there? 6
       • When do you expect to graduate? June 2011 (however I plan to
continue with postgraduate studies)
       • What city/country will you be spending this summer in?
St.Petersburg, Russia
       • How much time do you expect to have for this project? 15—25
       • Please list jobs, summer classes, and/or vacations that you'll
need to work around: I need to finish my diploma during the May, but it wont
be extremely time-consuming (as it’s mostly done already) I also plan to
have part-time job during the summer, but it would allow me to have 15-25
hours per week mentioned earlier.

Project Proposal
       • Please describe your proposed project in detail, including
deliverables and expected timeline with milestones (this is the long
My vision of that project includes several modules:
1. Nmap Runner module — starts Nmap, passes the options and fetches result
2. Task queue (RabbitMQ) — web-app puts scan tasks there, Nmap Runnes gets
and executes them.
3. Web-application for task management and project administration,
separated in following submodules:
i) User management module — registration, authorization, password
reminders, activation etc.
ii) Scan management module — scan task creation, running, storing
ii) Scan result module — viewing completed scan results, diff-ing them
iii) Scan scheduler — running scans on a regular basis
iv) Quotas — limiting the amount of system resources used by each user
v) User notification subsystem — sending emails (maybe even SMS-messages)
when a certain event is triggered (for instance, host not responding)
vi) Admin panel — statistics, load monitoring, quota management, role
management, prohibited hosts database.

I see following milestones for my project:
1. Implementing current Rainmap UI in Rails. 2 weeks.
2. Binding to a current Nmap options parser — at this step we’re able to
run scans. 1 week
3. Administration module. 3 weeks.
4. Scan diffs. 2 weeks.
5. Scan quotas. 1 week.
6. Notifications. 1 week.
7. Final pre-release fixes and features (pre-production work). 2 weeks.

I plan to deploy most current version to at the end of an each milestone —
and maybe even more often — so current progress and stats can not only be
viewed in emails and code repository, but live as well.

       • Why are you well suited to perform this project? (This can be a
long answer too if you don't have a résumé/CV link.)
I should say I’ve been dreaming to take part in GSoC since it was first
time announced a couple of years ago, but every year I had something
important to do during the summer, so I’ve never applied before. Now that
might be my last chance as soon as I’m graduating the university. Regarding
the project itself I liked it at the moment I’ve seen the first lines of the
description. I think that’s a really cool project and very useful for the
community. And I’d like to continue it’s development and support after GSoC

Thank you for your attention!

Alexey Nayden

08.04.2011, в 2:54, David Fifield написал(а):

On Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 04:36:19PM +0400, Alexey Nayden wrote:
I'm very interested in Nmap Cloud Scanning Platform development. I've
read all the documents you have on that idea and it seems to be great.

A couple of words about myself: I live in St.Petersburg, Russia, study
at St.Petersburg State University, Mathemathics and Mechanics faculty,
Computer Science department. I mainly work with Ruby on Rails,
developing my own and some commercial projects from time to time. I
even have a couple of commits in rails core (very minimalistic to be
completely sincere), I've had a presentation at Piter.rb (local Ruby
developer conference) regarding low-level database access mechanisms
for Ruby (gem sequel).

Regarding the project, as you can see, Ruby on Rails is my primary
expertise, so I'd prefer to implement the platform with it, but, on
the other side, I have some Python skills (more like reading code, not
so much on writing it), and I'd gladly use "Rainmap" ideas and code in
my project.

I plan to resolve security issues (speaking of root privileges
required for nmap) with a small middle-tier application implementing
task queue (with rabbitMQ or Reddis, for instance) which takes tasks
from web-app and runs nmap in a root (chrooted, i think) environment.
Other tools I plan to use are CentOS, Nginx and Postgresql.

Hello Alexey, thank you for writing. Your ideas about cloud scanning
sound solid. I would recommend that you check out the Rainmap code (it's
not a big download) and learn about its architecture, so you can comment
on what you would do differently, what you would extend, and what is
already completed. There is already a task queue system using RabbitMQ,
so that potentially doesn't have to be reimplemented or could be treated
as a separable module.

svn co --username guest --password "" svn://svn.insecure.org/rainmap

David Fifield

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