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Re: Compiling Zenmap on Windows
From: Rob Nicholls <robert () robnicholls co uk>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 10:31:13 +0100

On Fri, 1 Apr 2011 09:48:57 +0100, Knightmare wrote:
Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble compiling the installer from the latest SVN (as of Friday

I appear to have been able to build r22833 just now without any problems.

 It seems as though the zenmap executable is not being built.  I have
installed all the python dependencies and VC++ 2010.

I assume you're using the versions listed at:


Did all of them install correctly? I'd need to double check, but I think those are the versions I'm using.

FYI py2exe requires VC++ 2008 for the Zenmap executable to work (IIRC VC++ 2010 is only used for Nmap, Nping and Ncat), but that shouldn't stop the executable from being created (which appears to be the problem).

I have also installed
SVN and the make package from cygwin (which is not mentioned in the wiki)

Did you also add the GTK DLLs to your Windows PATH? This is from the build guide:

You may need to set your Windows $PATH so that it can find the GTK
DLLs while py2exe is doing its thing.  On Windows 7 x64, I did this as
 o Open control panel, search for "environment variables", click on
   "Edit the system environment variables", which opens the "System
   Properties" dialogue.  Select the "Advanced" tab then click the
   "Environment Variables" button.  Add ";C:\GTK\bin" to the end of
   the user PATH variable.

Without them, you'll probably get an error message and the executable won't be built.

You shouldn't need to create the gtkrc file anymore, as the build script creates it on the fly if one is present.

I've also attached the output on the console from a make command in the
mswin32 subdirectory.

 Can someone advise what the next steps would be...?

To save time, you might want to directly call the Windows batch file that builds Zenmap:

For example:

C:\nmap-svn\zenmap>call install_scripts\windows\copy_and_compile.bat

Running this I get:

Setting installation variables...
Writing output to win_install.log
Removing old compilation...
Creating dist directory tree...
Copying GTK files to dist directory...
The system cannot find the path specified.
Compiling using py2exe...
warning: py2exe: Version Info will not be included:
  could not parse version number '5.51SVN'

warning: py2exe: Version Info will not be included:
  could not parse version number '5.51SVN'

Removing the build directory...

You should be ale to go into the dist directory and see if zenmap.exe is present.


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