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Re: Scanme.nmap.org moved to new server (now with IPv6!)
From: "Luis MartinGarcia." <luis.mgarc () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 12:06:53 +0200

On 05/04/2011 11:28 AM, Fyodor wrote:
Hi folks.  Linode.com finally started offering native IPv6 for their
virtual private servers (albeit with some major limitations), and that
finally compelled me to move Scanme from one of our colocated systems
to one of our Linodes.  And of course I enabled the new IPv6 feature.
I also started a public chat server on chat.nmap.org.  The Scanme
machine is on the same IP as the public echo and chat servers (for
IPv4), so you get to see those running when you scan it.

This is great news! It's great to have a remote IPv6 system to play with.

I'm happy to report that it works. I've been able to access
http://scanmev6.nmap.org/ through IPv6 with no problem.

Note that Ncat and Nping aren't found in the IPv6 scan.  Ncat might
work if I ran it a second time with -6, but then the -6 folks would be
in a separate channel than IPv4.  Ncat and Nping should probably be
changed to bind to all IPv4 *and* IPv6 interfaces in server modes.

Sounds reasonable. I'll add a note to the Nping's to-do list.

Enjoy the new system!  I hope it inspires more people to start playing
with IPv6.

I hope so too. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we'll also be able
to do OS detection against that IPv6 box ;)


Luis MartinGarcia.
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