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nmap: OS hints from service versions
From: Vasiliy Kulikov <segooon () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 23:08:23 +0400


Rather often I get interesting results:

    22/tcp   open   ssh     OpenSSH 5.1p1 Debian 5 (protocol 2.0)
    Device type: general purpose|firewall
    Running (JUST GUESSING): Linux 2.6.X (93%), ISS Linux 2.4.X (87%)
    Aggressive OS guesses: Linux 2.6.18 (93%), ISS Proventia GX3002 firewall
    (Linux 2.4.18) (87%), Linux 2.6.22 (85%), Linux 2.6.9 - 2.6.27 (85%),
    Linux 2.6.30 (85%)

Or even (still with scanned tcp 22 port):

    Running (JUST GUESSING): OpenBSD 4.X (91%)
    Aggressive OS guesses: OpenBSD 4.0 (91%)
    No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).

While ssh server version gives very presice information about what
OS version the machine runs, I get very obscure OS results.  Here I'm
almost sure the machine runs Debian 5 (Lenny) with kernel 2.6.26.
I'm almost sure that some other services also disclosure Linux
distibutive version.  Is there currently any way to pass these hints to
OS version detection engine or at least show these hints in separated
output block (e.g. via script)?


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