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Re: Script suggestions
From: Martin Holst Swende <martin () swende se>
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 19:46:21 +0100

----- Ursprungsmeddelande -----
Is it possible to implement this as an nse script? I am not sure if
scripts are able to examine rules defined in other scripts.
No, it's all in nse_main.lua. It's already implemented, but needs some more polish and c-level support.

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 1:42 PM, Martin Holst Swende <martin () swende se>
Hi all,

There are now almost 300 scripts in NSE, and while that's awesome, it
is very difficult for a user to keep track of which scripts to use
when. I suspect that user who do use NSE often just go with -sC, or a
favourite script or two.

So I've gone back to an idea I had earlier: script-suggest. The
previous incarnation of this became script-help, which is definitely
good to have but does not really solve the problem. The new version of
my idea is that you just run a scan as normal, but append the
--script-suggest directive. What you get is something like this:
nmap scanme.nmap.org --script http-title --script-suggest


22/tcp   open  ssh        syn-ack
| script-suggest:
|     banner {discovery,safe}
|     ssh-hostkey {safe,default,discovery}
|     ssh2-enum-algos {safe,discovery}
|_    sshv1 {default,safe}
80/tcp   open  http       syn-ack
|_http-title: Go ahead and ScanMe!
| script-suggest:
|     banner {discovery,safe}
|     citrix-brute-xml {intrusive,auth}
|     citrix-enum-apps-xml {discovery,safe}
|     citrix-enum-servers-xml {discovery,safe}
|     http-affiliate-id {safe,discovery}
|     http-auth {default,auth,safe}
|     http-awstatstotals-exec {vuln,intrusive,exploit}
|     http-axis2-dir-traversal {vuln,intrusive,exploit}
|     http-brute {intrusive,brute}
|     http-cakephp-version {discovery,safe}
|     http-cors {default,discovery,safe}
|     http-date {discovery,safe}
|     http-default-accounts {discovery,auth,safe}
|     http-enum {discovery,intrusive,vuln}
|     http-favicon {default,discovery,safe}
|     http-form-brute {intrusive,brute}
|     http-google-malware {malware,discovery,safe,external}
|     http-headers {discovery,safe}
|     http-iis-webdav-vuln {vuln,intrusive}
|     http-joomla-brute {intrusive,brute}
|     http-litespeed-sourcecode-download {vuln,intrusive,exploit}
|     http-majordomo2-dir-traversal {intrusive,vuln,exploit}
|     http-malware-host {malware,safe}
|     http-method-tamper {safe,auth}
|     http-methods {default,safe}
|     http-passwd {intrusive,vuln}
|     http-php-version {discovery,safe}
|     http-put {discovery,intrusive}
|     http-robots.txt {default,discovery,safe}
|     http-trace {vuln,discovery,safe}
|     http-userdir-enum {auth,intrusive}
|     http-vhosts {discovery,intrusive}
|     http-vmware-path-vuln {vuln,safe}
|     http-vuln-cve2011-3192 {vuln,safe}
|     http-waf-detect {discovery,intrusive}
|     http-wordpress-brute {intrusive,brute}
|     http-wordpress-enum {auth,intrusive,vuln}
|     http-wordpress-plugins {discovery,intrusive}
|_    sql-injection {intrusive,vuln}
9929/tcp open  nping-echo syn-ack
| script-suggest:
|     banner {discovery,safe}
|_    nping-brute {brute,intrusive}

Some points:
- Script-suggest only suggests portrule-scripts, not pre- or postrule.
- Script-suggest does not suggest scripts which DO run. E.g, specifying
-sC --script-suggest will only give suggestions on non-default scripts.
- Script-suggest loads all not already loaded scripts into NSE, checks
the rules and only suggests the script if the result was positive.

The output above is a preview, feedback is welcome. There is some work
left to do (I haven't implemented the nmap-option on C-level yet e.g)
so I don't submit a patch yet - just testing the waters. Thoughts?

Martin Holst Swende

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Sent through the nmap-dev mailing list
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