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Re: Script force
From: Martin Holst Swende <martin () swende se>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 09:45:07 +0100

On 12/07/2011 09:40 AM, Patrick Donnelly wrote:
On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 3:18 AM, Martin Holst Swende <martin () swende se> wrote:

On 12/04/2011 10:00 AM, Patrick Donnelly wrote:
With that said, I have a suggestion. The '+' should be a prefix to a
pattern. It should not be a prefix to a filename, category, or boolean
expression. It should change the meaning of the entire expression:
"any script chosen as a result of this expression is forced to run".
So, you might have: --script '+not intrusive and not discovery'. This
would mean, "forcibly run all scripts that are not in the intrusive
and not in the discovery categories". [As an aside with respect to the
implementation: note that most script filenames are usually matched
and loaded via the Entry function. The code that runs after this
comment "-- Now load any scripts listed by name rather than by
category." loads files and directories that are not found in the
script database (the script database is a series of calls to the Entry
function). For example, that fallback code would load scripts
specified by "my-scripts/foo.nse" or a directory "my-scripts".

With that changed, I think the patch would be much nicer. However...
I agree with your reasoning here, but perhaps I misread you a bit. I think
the '+' should be a prefix to an expression.
There is no established terminology here and I was winging it in my
post. [There is no real benefit for getting pedantic about command
line syntax in user documentation.] To be clear, the proposed change
would result in this sort of syntax:

--script <outer-expression>

<outer-expression> := [prefix] specification { <comma> [prefix] specification }
specification := filepath | directory | expression
expression := filename-pattern | category | expression binop
expression | unop expression
binop := and or
unop := not

filename-pattern only matches files in the script database. Note the
pattern can actually be a literal filename.

+safe and http-*,+http-title => +(default and http-*), +(http-verb-tamper)
=> "Ignore the return value of the portrule for any script selected
matching (safe and http-*) and any script matching (http-verb-tamper),
unless already loaded"
Assuming your example got mixed up during writing, yes that's right.
That is a correct assumption. There's about three mixups in that short
blob :)
That would make strange corner cases go away:
(not +http-title) => errror, no + allowed inside expression, + only
allowed at the left side of an expression.
They are not really corner cases but strange consequences of the
design. It just wasn't well defined why or how the force "operator"
should apply to only parts of an expression. David brought this up
earlier in the thread.

Good, then I understood you correctly and agree fully.

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