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[nse] dns nsid, server.id, bind.version
From: John Bond <john.r.bond () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 22:44:59 +0100

See below for a description of the attached script.  It relies on
patches to dns.lua.  currently it is not ready to commit as the
server.id and nsid seem to have an extra byte at the beginning on all
systems i have tested so i need to read up what thats about.  Also im
off on holiday for 3 weeks so wont be able to respond; that said it
would be great if people could test the script and more importantly
test my patch to dns.lua to make sure it dosn't break other scripts.

cheers john.
as always most current version can be found


description = [[
Attempts to get more information from a server by requesting the
server nsid[1], and asking
for id.server[2] and version.bind.  This script dose the same as the
following two dig commands
dig CH TXT bind.version @target
dig +nsid CH TXT id.server @target


-- @usage
-- nmap -sSU -p 53 --script dns-nsid <target>
-- @output
-- 53/udp open  domain  udp-response
-- | dns-nsid:
-- |   NSID dns.example.com (646E732E6578616D706C652E636F6D)
-- |   id.server: dns.example.com
-- |_

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