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Re: Sean Rivera's status report - #3 of 17
From: sean rivera <sean.au.rivera () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 17:58:36 -0600

Thanks for clearing that up that makes a lot more sense. I do have one
other question though. How should I go about matching the language and the
two letter code? Would it be worth it to set up a lookup table that has all
supported languages and then use that for comparison? Do you know of any
inherent Python functionality that could help?

~Sean Rivera
Software Engineer
On May 14, 2012 10:11 PM, "David Fifield" <david () bamsoftware com> wrote:

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 07:30:47PM -0600, sean rivera wrote:
Hey all,

Sorry this week has been somewhat hectic with the end of school and a
couple of minor emergencies.


    Spoke to David about what to work on and was told to work on the
SV-tidy script. (Namely adding checking for the 'cpe' and 'i' templates)
    Ran though the SV-tidy script
    Roughly edited the function to look for 'cpe' types


    Work on SV-tidy script
     Design a file to run the tidy script over that will have a 'cpe'
without an 'i' an 'i' without a 'cpe' and one with both for error

Thanks Sean. There might be some confusion here. It's not an error for
there to be cpe:// without i// or i// without cpe://. Rather, this task
is to make sure that if there's i/Polish/ for example, then whatever
cpe:// there is should have cpe://...:pl/. Conversely, if there's
cpe://...:fr/ for example, then there should be i/French/. For this
check, we're only interested in making cpe:// and i// match as far as

If you need a minimal test file, it's pretty easy:

Probe TCP NULL q||
match good p/a/
match good p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/ i/German/
# Other templates are irrelevant.
match good p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/ v/1.00/ i/German/
match good p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/ i/German; unauthorized/
# No cpe: is okay.
match good p/a/ i/German/
# Should have i/German/.
match bad p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/
# cpe should end in :de.
match bad p/a/ cpe:/test:test/ i/German/
# Doesn't match.
match bad p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/ i/French/
match bad p/a/ cpe:/test:test:::::de/ i/French; unauthorized/

David Fifield

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