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[NSE] p2p-conficker crashes when scanning IPv6
From: Daniel Miller <bonsaiviking () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 09:08:25 -0500

Hi List,

So here's the crash I got:

./scripts/p2p-conficker.nse:578: bad argument #2 to 'pack' (number expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'pack'
./scripts/p2p-conficker.nse:578: in function <./scripts/p2p-conficker.nse:540>
        (...tail calls...)

Argument #2 is "ip", which comes from host.ip, after passing through ipOps.todword(), which returns nil, since it only supports IPv4. I don't know if Conficker supported IPv6, but I think reasonable logic would be to check for nmap.registry.args.realip, and if that is not set and we are scanning IPv6, then bail. Here's my take on a patch, but I don't know enough about the script to know if this is an acceptable approach:

Index: scripts/p2p-conficker.nse
--- scripts/p2p-conficker.nse   (revision 28902)
+++ scripts/p2p-conficker.nse   (working copy)
@@ -571,6 +571,8 @@
        -- Use the provided IP, if it exists
        if(nmap.registry.args.realip ~= nil) then
                ip = nmap.registry.args.realip
+  elseif(nmap.address_family() == 'inet6') then
+    return nil -- Can't generate ports based on IPv6 address

        -- Reverse the IP's endianness

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