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Re: Error when running ajp scripts.
From: Rob Nicholls <robert () robnicholls co uk>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 23:43:25 +0100

On 28.06.2012 22:26, Mike Rodriguez wrote:
On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 11:59 AM, Patrick Donnelly
<batrick () batbytes com>wrote:

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 2:52 PM, Mike Rodriguez <rodriguezml () gmail com>
> Thanks Patrick. Please see the output below.
> I am not using any configure flags.
> C:\Nmap_SVN>nmap -sV --script=ajp-headers -p 8009 x.x.x.x -dd
> Starting Nmap 6.01 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-06-29 04:49 AUS Eastern
> Standard
> Time
> Fetchfile found C:\Nmap/nmap-services
> [...]

It's getting files from C:\Nmap. Try again with "--datadir .".

[Also, please don't top-post.]

- Patrick Donnelly


Using --datadir didn't help. I reinstalled nmap for a sanity check and ran
it again. Same results (pasted below).

Hi Mike,

Just to clarify, you originally used the nmap-6.01-setup.exe file from nmap.org? And after that failed, you then built an SVN version (without any configure flags)? I assume you're compiling it yourself using Visual Studio. Did you also install cygwin, NSIS, all the Python bits for Zenmap, to create your own installer, and then install that? Or are you trying to run nmap.exe from the Release folder? Or somewhere else? What revision are you building your SVN version from?

The two reasons I ask all of those questions are because:

1) I'm not sure if you've moved everything you need into C:\Nmap_SVN. If the nmap.exe you've built isn't in the root of that directory (e.g. it's a checkout of the SVN files, the file you've built will be located in a "Release" sub-folder), the original intall of Nmap 6.01 that you did (to C:\Nmap?) will probably be picked up from your PATH and used instead.

2) The SVN version of Nmap probably should say Nmap 6.02 not 6.01 (Fyodor updated it almost 2 weeks ago, about a week after the AJP scripts were added to SVN).

What value did you put for --datadir when it failed? I'm just trying to check if you pointed it at the right folder.

I do not get the same error when using the *http* scripts or when using the
default -sC

This suggests to me that the issue is you're not pointing Nmap in the direction of the ajp scripts. When it does work - for *http* and -sC - it's probably picking up scripts from elsewhere. I assume you installed the Nmap.org version of 6.01 at C:\Nmap. what happens if you try and run your SVN version after deleting C:\Nmap, and any other copies of Nmap that might be on your system?

FYI Nmap 6.01 is Nmap 6.00 with a few fixes, and doesn't include many of the revisions or new scripts that were added around that time. This is partly why I tend to build my own Windows binaries (which are also available on my website).


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