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Re: Tiny DNS server written in Ncat-Lua - anyone interested?
From: Jacek Wielemborek <wielemborekj1 () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 16:24:09 +0200

2013/7/31 David Henderson <dhenderson () digital-pipe com>:
There's a lot more than just being a small foot print - it works on any
platform without having to be recompiled, it only has one dependency, etc.
:)  How long would it take you to expand it to serve the other record types?
What made you decide to build this as a lua script instead of bash?

I'm the developer behind the new --lua-exec feature in Ncat (already
available in Ncat 6.40). It has a lot of advantages over Bash - Lua is
much more portable (I'm doing my best to make POSIX code work on
Windows perfectly) and its standard library already allows much more
things that would be hard in Bash (take a look at the source code and
see for yourself ;)).

There is actually several projects that are currently being worked on, but
this one would work well with our custom built Linux distro.  I have already
built a small http server for ncat, but it's in bash, not lua.  Would you
mind sending me a copy of your lua script?

Sure, no problem. You can find the latest version here:

In case it gets moved (removed/merged/whatever), the latest version as
of writing this mail can be found here:

In order to run it, use the latest (6.40) version of Ncat, like this:

ncat --lua-exec scripts/dns.lua -l -p 53 -u -k

Do you think you could add additional features such as record transfers?

That would probably be quite a lot of work - I doubt that David would
let me sit on the project for longer than a few days, so it would have
to either be done by someone else or you'd have to wait until after
GSoC, when I'd find some spare time. I believe that the script would
be quite expendable, though.

(BTW, I obviously meant expandable. Silly typo ;))

There isn't a real rush on this as the project that this would work with is
currently under development.  When does GSoC end?

GSoC ends on September, 23. I can't promise I'll have spare time then
though - it's possible that I'll be applying to a new university and I
have no idea how much work will I have there.

BTW, CC to dev () nmap org next time. The thread history looks already
ugly enough ;)
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