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Re: [nmap-svn] r31695 - nmap-exp/d33tah/ncat-env-ncatins/ncat/docs
From: Jacek Wielemborek <wielemborekj1 () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 18:57:27 +0200

2013/8/7  <commit-mailer () nmap org>:
Author: david
Date: Wed Aug  7 16:52:16 2013
New Revision: 31695

Fix envar markup.

term is for variablelist.


Modified: nmap-exp/d33tah/ncat-env-ncatins/ncat/docs/ncat.xml
--- nmap-exp/d33tah/ncat-env-ncatins/ncat/docs/ncat.xml (original)
+++ nmap-exp/d33tah/ncat-env-ncatins/ncat/docs/ncat.xml Wed Aug  7 16:52:16 2013
@@ -487,18 +487,16 @@
           mode, the address might be not expanded.</para>

           <para>In addition to the environment variables listed above, Ncat
-          also exports <term><envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</term></envar> and
-          <term><envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</term></envar>. These contain numbers
+          also exports <envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</envar> and
+          <envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</envar>. These contain numbers
           pointing to the file descriptors through which you can access Ncat's
           standard input and output. This can be useful while writing filter
           scripts which need to read both from Ncat's standard input and the
           socket and/or write to both standard output and the remote connection.
           For examples, see scripts directory in the Ncat source code tree.</para>

-          <para>On Windows, instead of <term><envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</term></envar>
-          /<term><envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</term></envar>, there are
-          <term><envar>NCAT_INPUT_PIPE</term></envar>/
-          <term><envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_PIPE</term></envar> variables. Their values
+          <para>On Windows, instead of <envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</envar>/<envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</envar>, there are
+          <envar>NCAT_INPUT_PIPE</envar>/<envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_PIPE</envar> variables. Their values
           should be used in a CreateFile call to connect to named pipes. Any
           read/write operations on these will result in a corresponding
           operation on Ncat's standard input or output.</para>
@@ -537,8 +535,8 @@
           a part of io module: io.ncatout and io.ncatin. The first one allows to write
           data to Ncat's standard output, while the latter is used for reading from Ncat's
           standard input. These are equivalent to already opened files based on data from
-          <term><envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</term></envar>/<term><envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</term></envar>
-          (or <term><envar>NCAT_INPUT_PIPE</term></envar>/<term><envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_PIPE</term></envar>
+          <envar>NCAT_INPUT_FD</envar>/<envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_FD</envar>
+          (or <envar>NCAT_INPUT_PIPE</envar>/<envar>NCAT_OUTPUT_PIPE</envar>
           under Windows).</para>

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Thanks! Didn't know that, it's a bit complicated to write the markup
without a way to preview it... is it documented somewhere how to
generate docs based on the .xml file?
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