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[NSE] http-errors.nse
From: George Chatzisofroniou <sophron () latthi com>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 04:58:04 +0300

The attached script crawls through the website and returns any pages that
respond with an HTTP error code (400 and above).

The results are sorted by error code.

You can run it as follows:

./nmap -p80 -n -Pn --script http-errors -d1

(Feel free to test it on this server. It's a VM of mine i've set up for Nmap

And you will see this:

 80/tcp open  http    syn-ack
 | http-errors:
 | Spidering limited to: maxpagecount=40; withinhost=
 |   Found the following error pages:
 |   Error Code: 404
 |      http://localhost/foo.html
 |   Error Code: 500
 |_     http://localhost/bar.php

There is also the 'errcodes' option to define the error codes you are interested
in. For example, to return only the 404 pages:

./nmap -p80 -n -Pn --script http-errors --script-args 'http-errors.errcodes={404}' localhost -d1

Hope you like it,

George Chatzisofroniou

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