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Re: [Patch] --exclude-ports option for Nmap
From: Daniel Miller <bonsaiviking () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 14:38:10 -0500


Sorry to take so long getting back to you. This modified patch looks good,
please commit it.

Your next step should be to write the documentation in docs/refguide.xml
under the "man-port-specification" refsect1 element. Follow the -p and
--top-ports sections for XML structure and syntax, and be sure to cover:

* the syntax of the option's argument (can be as simple as saying it's the
same as -p)
* the order in which exclusions and inclusions are applied
* the fact that it also affects host discovery, and
* the fact that it works for IP Proto scanning, too.


On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 4:24 AM, Jay Bosamiya <jaybosamiya () gmail com> wrote:


Your hypothesis is correct.

Actually, I had added line 1558 in one of my earlier versions (before I
added support for host discovery exclusions) to reduce unnecessary
calling of the function removepts.

Attached is modified patch with just that line removed (and minor change
in the comment just before it).

Going for the alternative that you mentioned (first and second top ports
after exclusion) would not be difficult but I personally think this'd
just make things confusing for the end-user.
Instead, showing that warning in all cases seems like the right thing to
do, now that I think about it.

Thanks for the quick feedback. :)


On Thursday 19 June 2014 12:40 AM, Daniel Miller wrote:


There is a problem with the patch in handling exclusions of host
discovery ports when --top-ports is given: excluded ports are still
used in this case. This is because the exclusion is being handled by
gettoppts (which does not affect ping ports) only, and not by
removepts (which handles all port/protocol types). I think this can be
fixed by removing the conditional on line 1558, and simply running
removepts regardless. I have not tested that hypothesis, though, so
you may come up with a better fix.

In general, though, your feature is looking good. I do think that the
warning should be shown in all cases where an entire ping type is
excluded, because otherwise we will get bug reports that Nmap is not
detecting some host that they know is up (perhaps because it is
blocking ICMP, and we excluded the available TCP ping ports.)

An alternative to simply dropping the default TCP ping ports would be
to choose them as the first-and-second-most popular ports after
exclusions. This would have the advantage of not eliminating a host
discovery type altogether, but it would mean a change to the way
things currently work without --exclude-ports, since the 2
most-popular ports are 80 and 23 (443 is 3rd place). I only bring this
up as a discussion point; please don't spend time implementing it,
since it's not likely to be a desired feature.


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