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Re: CVE request: crypt_blowfish 8-bit character mishandling
From: Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel () suse de>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:37:36 +0200

Solar Designer wrote:
# The password hashing method and iteration count to use for group
# passwords that may be set with gpasswd(1).
CRYPT_PREFIX            $2a$
CRYPT_ROUNDS            8

so again, only a config file change is needed here.  If you've been
hard-coding "$2a$", you haven't been taking full advantage of

Well, you need to modify that in %post to automatically get 2y for
new passwords then. Which is kind of ugly as that's a file the admin
may have modified.

Anyways, we have the prefix configurable in /etc/default/password
too (CRYPT=blowfish). So no magic config file editing needed. The
programs parsing that file all do the blowfish=>2a mapping
themselves though as there is no lib unfortunately. So we have to
touch several packages to s/2a/2y/. That's what I meant with

Nevertheless if we miss to patch any package there would be still the
chance of someone generating 2a hashes with a different algorithm than
what the system uses to verify them later though.

Yes.  And I fully expect some hashes of this kind to be generated by the
various PHP apps, which have to generate salts on their own.  There's no
perfect solution to this, I'm afraid.

So implementing your
original idea and have crypt_gensalt change the prefix wouldn't be
that bad after all. That bears the risk to break some programs like
mkpasswd but they would at least fail with an error rather than
generating unusable hashes.

It's not obvious which is worse (and the "unusable hashes" would only be
such for passwords with 8-bit chars, and not fully unusable but just not
usable yet until other systems or parts of the system are updated and
the "$2a$" to "$2x$" compatibility mode is disabled).  It's a tradeoff
either way.  So I don't intend to revert to that older trick, which
we've already moved away from.

Ok. Meanwhile I've found that libxcrypt's crypt_gensalt actually
also may change the prefix. It has a fallback to DES if the
requested prefix isn't available as plugin. So mkpasswd was broken
in that regard always. That error never happened though as mkpasswd
didn't support any prefix libxcrypt didn't support too.

I am tempted to just release the current code as 1.2 now.  We won't
arrive at a perfect solution anyway, because it doesn't exist.  And we
need to let other projects upgrade to better/safer code (dealing with
one-correct to many-buggy collisions) sooner rather than later.



 (o_   Ludwig Nussel
 V_/_  http://www.suse.de/
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)

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