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running the distros lists
From: Solar Designer <solar () openwall com>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 01:38:07 +0400


I could use some help running the distros list and its linux-distros
sub-list.  Specifically, when issues are being brought to these lists,
the initial messages very often lack a proposed coordinated release date
(CRD).  Currently there's no specific person (nor a group smaller than
the entire membership of the list) who would be responsible for getting
a CRD agreed upon ASAP, yet this is something that needs to happen for
each and every issue.  When everyone is responsible for this, it also
means that no one in particular is responsible.  This needs to change.

Could one or several distros and/or linux-distros list members please
accept this responsibility?  I can't seem to allocate enough of my own
time to this job, sorry.  (I am already putting some of my time into
other aspects of running these lists, as you're aware.)  Additionally, I
think that some other list members are better qualified for it because
more of the issues affect their products.

I think Kurt, Vincent, and/or Jan (the Red Hat folks) could do this job
well, especially considering that they're currently the ones to assign
CVE IDs anyway (so could as well assign IDs and propose CRDs in the same
message), but anyone else is welcome to volunteer for this thankless job
as well.

Please let us all know.



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