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Re: CVE Requests
From: Kurt Seifried <kseifried () redhat com>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 13:45:58 -0600

On 03/16/2012 12:37 PM, Tim Brown wrote:
On Friday 16 Mar 2012 16:11:04 Mark Stanislav wrote:
All points being made are very much valid and I certainly
understand how contextually oss-sec may be used to allocation
requests under different circumstances.

So here's my situation, I'm up for suggestions (of which, "wait
longer", is perfectly viable!)...

1) March 1st, I sent 2 of these CVEs over to Steve Christy at
MITRE who had previously allocated 9 prior CVEs in a day or two
generally 2) March 8th, after not hearing back from Steve, I
contacted cve () mitredirectly with all 5 3) March 15th, after not
hearing back from MITRE, I contacted Kurt off list as I've noted
his helpfulness doing allocations 3a) Kurt pointed me to email
the list, rather than him directly (which is perfectly fine, but
perhaps not the context I was aiming for initially)

Josh Bressers (Josh, correct me if I'm using your name in vain)
used to be quite happy to assign CVEs for undisclosed (embargoed)
F/OSS issues providing details were forthcoming with the request.
If Josh is no longer able to fulfil that role due to a change of
circumstance at Redhat it would be nice if someone stepped into the
breach -  be that Redhat, Debian or one of the other CNAs.  There
is definately a place for "disclosed to project, being/been fixed,
 not public - can I have a CVE?" without deferring to the distros
list or MITRE - most of the time projects can respond in a timely
fashion, so a minimum effort approach is ideal.

You may have uh noticed me assigning 200+ cve's in the last few
months. I took over for Josh. I am unwilling to public assign CVE's
that are likely to end up with duplicates (e.g. no information CVE's
already sent in as a request to Mitre).

I am quite happy to assign "secret" or whatever you want to call them
CVE's (I do it all the time on linux-distros list for embargoed
issues) but I'm also trying to avoid duplicates and other messes. If
the issue is so secret you can't even give me a version #, brief
description, etc. than chances are Mitre needs to handle it.

I'm asking for pretty basic info like version #'s affected and ideally
fixed if you got it. This doesn't need to be complicated.


Kurt Seifried Red Hat Security Response Team (SRT)

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