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CVE-2013-2175 : haproxy may crash when using header occurrences relative to the tail
From: Willy Tarreau <w () 1wt eu>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 00:41:01 +0200


David Torgerson reported an haproxy crash with enough traces to diagnose
the cause as being related to the use of a negative occurrence number in
a header extraction, which is used to extract an entry starting from the
last occurrence.

--- summary ---

Configurations at risk are those which make use of "hdr_ip(name,-1)" (in
1.4) or any hdr_* variant with a negative occurrence count in 1.5, or
the "usesrc hdr_ip(name)" statement in both 1.4 and 1.5. These
configurations may be crashed when run with haproxy 1.4.4 to 1.4.23 or
development versions up to and including 1.5-dev18. Versions 1.4.24 and
1.5-dev19 are safe.

--- quick workaround ---

A workaround consists in rejecting dangerous requests early using
hdr_cnt(<name>), which is available both in 1.4 and 1.5 :
       block if { hdr_cnt(<name>) ge 10 }

--- details ---

When a config makes use of hdr_ip(x-forwarded-for,-1) or any such thing
involving a negative occurrence count, the header is still parsed in the
order it appears, and an array of up to MAX_HDR_HISTORY entries is created.
When more entries are used, the entries simply wrap and continue this way.
A problem happens when the incoming header field count exactly divides
MAX_HDR_HISTORY, because the computation removes the number of requested
occurrences from the count, but does not care about the risk of wrapping
with a negative number. Thus we can dereference the array with a negative
number and randomly crash the process.
The bug is located in http_get_hdr() in haproxy 1.5, and get_ip_from_hdr2()
in haproxy 1.4. It affects configurations making use of one of the following
functions with a negative <value> occurence number :
   - hdr_ip(<name>, <value>)  (in 1.4)
   - hdr_*(<name>, <value>)   (in 1.5)
It also affects "source" statements involving "hdr_ip(<name>)" since that
statement implicitly uses -1 for <value> :
   - source usesrc hdr_ip(<name>)
This bug has been present since the introduction of the negative offset
count in 1.4.4 via commit bce70882.

CVE-2013-2175 was assigned to this bug.

Special thanks to David Torgerson who provided a significant number of
traces, and to Ryan O'Hara from Red Hat for providing a CVE id.
--- links ---
 1.4-stable patch for version <= 1.4.23 :
 1.4.24 source code: 
 1.5-dev patch for versions <= 1.5-dev18 :
 1.5-dev19 source code:

Please check with your distro vendor for packaged updates.

Willy Tarreau

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