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RESEND: CVE Request: pwgen
From: Michael Samuel <mik () miknet net>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:11:59 +1000


No CVEs have been assigned for this, and as far as I can tell no
distributions have patched.

On 6 June 2013 14:19, Michael Samuel <mik () miknet net> wrote:

I've done some further analysis of the program after reading the previous
thread, and I think there needs to be CVEs and fixes for:

- When used from a non-tty passwords are trivially weak by default (first
reported by Solar Designer)
- Phonemes mode has heavy bias and is enabled by default (first reported
by Solar Designer)
- Silent fallback to insecure entropy (first reported by Jean-Michel
Vourgère) (Debian bug #672241 - tagged as "wishlist")
- Secure mode has bias towards numbers and uppercase letters

I've attached a patch that fixes most issues - it doesn't solve the bias
towards numbers, because it's caused by requiring at-least one number per
password - so in an 8 character password there'd have to be 0.1 numbers to
avoid bias.  There's an argument to be made for removing the at-least-one
rule, but if the system that password is being used with has those rules,
it doesn't fix the problem anyway.  Perhaps a separate flag for that?

The changes are:

- Print a message and abort() of there's trouble opening or reading
/dev/urandom (So apport should pick up any packages that have been using
insecure entropy)
- Make "-s" the default
- Add an argument --insecure-phonemes (or -P)
- Non-tty passwords are now as secure as tty
- Require lower-case characters be present to even out some bias
- Pull in passwdqc as a Suggests on the debian package - pwqgen can
generate sane random passphrases

I can't imagine any reasonable use-case for the non-tty defaults (except
maybe combining with espeak as an enhanced interrogation technique), and
you can be certain that there's some people out there with it embedded in a
script that's generating useless passwords.

For phonemes mode in general, the bias is extreme, there are a limited
number of possible combinations and it is generally not suitable for
security purposes.  I have some fairly detailed analysis of it, but I
believe this list has a no-exploits policy...


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