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Re: [OT] FD mailing list died. Time for new one
From: Georgi Guninski <guninski () guninski com>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 19:41:22 +0300

Not subscribed to oss-security.

Just for the record of the old FD,
i posted there anonymously and
even killed at least one bug in 
widely used open source warez in
un-orthodoxal way.

The CVE servants got the bug
significantly later after the
announcement :)

maybe solardiz is using the
mainstream patch i suspect.


On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 10:08:02PM +0400, Solar Designer wrote:
On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 04:17:45PM +0200, Georgi Guninski wrote:
it is likely I get banned from here,

Georgi surely worked hard towards achieving this goal, in other threads
in here as well.  While I have no intent to ban anyone, especially not
someone like Georgi who has made valuable contributions to this
community (I am referring e.g. to the qmail integer overflow bug, which
I personally think Georgi deserved the bounty for), I will be revoking
moderation bypass "privilege" from people abusing such "privilege".

In general, when a new member joins oss-security they do not have
moderation bypass "privilege", regardless of who they are.  As soon as
they've made one or a few approved posting(s) with no postings rejected
(like Georgi did when bringing up the FD list topic initially), they're
typically granted such "privilege", in good faith, because this helps
reduce delays in discussions and reduces load on the moderators.
However, as easily as this is granted, it may be revoked - again,
regardless of who the person is and how valuable a community member
they are in other aspects (as well as e.g. whether they're a friend of
mine or not).  Neither action should be taken personal.  Moderation
bypass "privilege" is not endorsement, and revoking it is not banning.
This is merely a tool I use to help run this list smoothly and with less
effort.  This is why I put this word in quotes.

So, Georgi, you're still not banned, and I have no such plans, but
please do not be surprised that further messages from you will incur
delays and some might be rejected.  I and other moderators are going to
judge on which messages to approve based on the content of those
messages, as usual.  If you (or anyone) post something reasonably
valuable to be worth distributing to list members, it will be approved
(and please don't mind the delays).  A few of your recent messages were
below this threshold, in my opinion.

I hope that Fyodor will be approving all of your messages on FD.  If I
were running FD, I'd setup/keep the moderation bypass for you on that
list.  After all, FD is all about noise, right? ;-)  And what can be
better than noise from a(n otherwise) respected community member? ;-)

oss-security is not FD.  We don't tolerate noise as much.  Noise goes to
FD, please.

Now, surely any mention of CVE is worse than noise to you, but that's
another (non-)issue.  I think most people care about the actual vuln
descriptions and such regardless of whether CVEs are being assigned.
That said, this is yet another reason why FD is a better fit for you.



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