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Re: [Security Weekly] cheap hosting Robin Wood (Sep 23)
Resurrecting an old thread but they now have an affiliate program and I can
issue my own codes so:

20% off all servers AqUVYbUXag
50% off all big dog (whatever that is) 7E9YRUzEZy

After a month with them, their tech support is OK but not great, the server
has stayed up and not had any problems.


Re: [Security Weekly] projecting in a bight space Jeremy Pommerening (Aug 28)
I would look for a projector with at least 6000 ANSI Lumens or better.  A darker screen (grey) may also help.
Jeremy Pommerening

From: Robin Wood <robin () digi ninja>
To: Security Weekly Mailing List <pauldotcom () mail securityweekly com>
Sent: Sunday, August 3, 2014 3:42 AM
Subject: [Security Weekly] projecting in a bight space

I've been looking at the venue for next year's...

[Security Weekly] Two Firefox security bugs related to HTTPS ffbugishere (Aug 17)
Hello world!

We need votes for security bugs!

Adding "Security Exception" for self-signed HTTPS sites cannot be done

Firefox 31 doesn't supports the industry recommended best HTTPS

Other browsers should have the same bugs fixed..

p.s.: We are not related to this group, but we think they worth a

Re: [Security Weekly] Java and Flash decompilers Will Metcalf (Aug 05)
JPEXS is very nice for flash IMHO.




Re: [Security Weekly] Java and Flash decompilers Bradley McMahon (Aug 05)
I've used flare before to pull apart a flash site for a client.


Re: [Security Weekly] SecurityCenter alternative Steven McGrath (Aug 04)
SC certainly isn’t cheap (as a former SC customer that moved over to Tenable I can attest to that) however I can point
out that the data aggregation, trending, and custom reporting were huge wins in my book. I guess its a time/money
trade-off. How much time do you want to spend either cobbling together a tool or manually aggregating the data when
there is another tool already out there that can do it out of the box.

I can speak in more...

Re: [Security Weekly] Java and Flash decompilers S. White (Aug 04)
A few I've used in the past:

JAD - http://varaneckas.com/jad/ , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JAD_(JAva_Decompiler)

HP SWFscan 

Adobe SWF investigator http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/swfinvestigator/

From: Robin Wood <robin () digi ninja>
To: Security Weekly Mailing List <pauldotcom () mail securityweekly com>
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 5:54 AM
Subject: [Security Weekly] Java and...

[Security Weekly] DoFler @ BSidesLV Steven McGrath (Aug 04)
This will be the 3rd year that DoFler (the Dashboard of Fail) will be at BSidesLV. This year I wrote a new spiffy
interface for maximum trolling. Let’s be honest now, everyone loves to surf for various forms of horrible on the
internet at cons :D. Also added this year is a little vulnerability analysis (using Tenable’s PVS). Every year I try
to improve it a bit based on everyone’s input, and am always welcome to more feedback.


Re: [Security Weekly] cheap hosting Robin Wood (Aug 04)
Already sorted but thanks for the info.

Re: [Security Weekly] Java and Flash decompilers Nathan Sweaney (Aug 04)
Here are a few others I've used with varying success in the past:

SWFInvestigator - http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/swfinvestigator/
SWFScan - from Rafal Los at HP, though the link has been deleted. (Careful,
I've seen trojaned copies online.)

Re: [Security Weekly] SecurityCenter alternative Paul Asadoorian (Aug 04)
Thanks all for the informative discussion!

I know, I'm jumping in late, some closing thoughts on the subject:

- SecurityCenter has the unique advantage of consolidating plugin
updates, meaning you could have hundred of Nessus scanners deployed in
your organization, and the scanners get the plugin feed from your
SecurityCenter system. The removes the requirement of Internet access
(From the scanners), and greatly eases the administration...

Re: [Security Weekly] SecurityCenter alternative k41zen (Aug 04)
Thanks for all of your help.

We are in discussions with our Tenable contact about solutions for this issue. They’ve helped me out by enabling me to
move forward to at least deploy this into a Pre-Production environment but the costs of SC are a massive stumbling
block; hence my question about something else. Appreciate we have a big Nessus fan base here of which I am a member
too, but just wondered what could be wrapped around it.


Re: [Security Weekly] SecurityCenter alternative Adrien de Beaupre (Aug 04)

I have also written a series of script to collect data from tools such as
nmap and nessus to import into MySQL called OSSAMS:
That leaves report writing as a series of SQL queries.
I also have a series of scripts to kick off scans, as well as a command
like XML-RPC nessus client in python if anyone is interested.


Re: [Security Weekly] cheap hosting sec list (Aug 04)
Hey Robin,

If you're still looking, might want to try out getclouder.com - they
spin up Linux containers in 5 seconds and use distributed storage, which
is pretty awesome. It's still in beta, so they offer 3 months free
service, but it has been pretty stable so far from my experience.

[Security Weekly] Java and Flash decompilers Robin Wood (Aug 04)
I'm trying to put together a list of tools for decompiling Flash and Java
apps. From asking on another list I already have:

Java Decompiler http://jd.benow.ca/jd-gui/downloads/jd-gui-0.3.6.windows.zip.

Java snoop https://code.google.com/p/javasnoop/

Flashbang https://github.com/cure53/Flashbang

Has anyone here got any others they can suggest?

Ideally I'm looking for free stuff but cheap commercial...

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