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What netbook do you prefer for pentesting?
From: rbutturini at epictn.com (Russell Butturini)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 15:39:56 -0500

I got my EEE early...a 4G non-Surf model.  I've really liked it.  I used
the hacked BIOS to uncap the FSB speeds and get the full 900 Mhz of
processing power as needed (but the unit gets HOT HOT HOT if I do this
for a prolonged period of time).   The only real complaint I have, like
everyone else, is the keyboard.  It's tough to type on sometimes, but
still the compact nature of the unit is awfully nice for those server
and phone closets.


 The one issue I've just run into though is BT4 pre will not fit on the
4 GB solid state disk, at least using Ubiquiti it won't.  I think I'm
going to take the easy way out and get myself a nice SD card to run it
from and load Easy PC (Ubuntu for the EEE PC) on the SSD instead.



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Several months ago, I eschewed the common thought and went down the road
less traveled. I bought a Dell 1318 from their outlet. Yes, I know it's
not *really* a netbook. But it cost like a netbook. And it runs several
operating systems (WinXP, Win7, Vista, Linux and OSX86) well. And it has
a dual core processor - which most netbooks don't!



On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Robert Portvliet
<robert.portvliet at gmail.com> wrote:

 I am in the market for a netbook & was wondering what is the weapon of
choice for pentesting?

 I know Paul talked about his experiences with the EEEPC on the show,
what other netbooks are you folks fond of?

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