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Getting Your Start Because You Got Hacked
From: doj at primeinfosec.com (Dave Ockwell-Jenner)
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 16:36:44 -0400

My name is Dave. And I'm a security professional.

It all started many years ago. However, unlike many of you in 
InfoSecPro's Anonymous, it didn't start with my system getting hacked. 
It started with the need to complete my studies, but at the same time, 
enjoy extended time to pursue my passion for programming.

You see, as a budding Electronic Engineer one thing I got to know well 
was running computer models of terribly exciting things such as 
electromagnetic interactions. The trouble with this? It took a long time 
to perform the computation necessary, especially with a school of 
several hundred all doing something similar on a server with the 
processing power of today's iPhone. And so it became my driving desire 
to find out how to convince this pocket-calculator of a server to finish 
up my computations ahead of everyone else.

To cut a long-story short, my project was completed many days ahead of 
everyone else. This gave me lots of time to coding the latest great 
Amiga demo (my vice at the time).

The only trouble was... the computer security team (really just savvy 
sysadmins of the day) figured out what I'd done and dispatched one of 
their own to have a little 'chat' to me. Over a beer or 10, we mutually 
reached the conclusion that my talents would likely be better used for 
social good, rather than accelerated project completion. And so, I 
helped them out on occasion, in return for continuing my studies.

Thank you to 'I.S. and D.D.' at Bath University for keeping me on the 
straight and narrow and giving me a shot at an awesome career.

My name is Dave. And I'm a security professional.

Paul Asadoorian wrote:

I'd like to start a new thread where we all share our experiences on how
we got into computer security.  Specifically I want to hear about people
whose boxes got hacked, and sparked a life-long career in infosec.

I may use your story in an upcoming piece I am working on, if I do I
will contact you off-list for permission and such.

Larry, I know you got a good story here ;)




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