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Getting Your Start Because You Wanted to Get Paid For Hacking
From: raffi at flossyourmind.com (Raffi Jamgotchian)
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 08:42:24 -0400

My experience mirrors yours. After wardialing for BBSes, I ran one off  
of a 'teenage line' as we called it back then. Wrote some BBS software  
that sucked. After entering the workforce, outside email was  
introduced to our ccMail system which I did over an serial connection  
between a standalone PC that would connect to the Internet over ISDN  
and finger the ISPs POP server.
People wanted to browse (this is 1995-6) so we bought a Sun Sparc  
workstation and checkpoint and it was my job to set it up and harden it.

The only time that we were hacked (that I know of!) is during a  
pentest they found a modem connected to a conference bridge system  
running NT4 and an unsecure PCAnywhere that the vendor left on.


On May 14, 2009, at 8:20 PM, Chris Merkel <cmerkel at gmail.com> wrote:

A variation on that other thread. I didn't get my start in infosec
because I got hacked. I was a huge (beige hat) fan of the movie War
Games, if you catch my drift.

BBSs, tymnet, telenet (no, that's not a typo kids...) and other random
x.25 links found via wardialing were my first playgrounds. I remember
one day, as the sun rose on a typical all-nighter, I said to myself
"Cool, I just taught myself how to use DEC VMS, I bet I'd be good at a
job working with computers..."

So, who got into IT in the hopes that they could one day start getting
paid for something they had done for fun in the past? (And is willing
to admit it ;-)

I did - it's still a lot of fun, though there's a lot more paperwork  

- Chris Merkel
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