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802.11 Wireless Security Class for the Louisville ISSA Part 1
From: christopher.riley at r-it.at (christopher.riley at r-it.at)
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 10:32:48 +0200

Getting the timing right is always a problem I have when running a course 
for the first time. I usually try to put "optional" sections into the 
class so that you can cover them if you have time, and tell people that 
they can read those sections at their leisure if you're running late. 
Marking them as optional helps avoid people wondering why you're not 
covering them in-depth and makes sure you have a few points where you can 
adjust the class depending on skill and the inevitable person with 1001 
questions (that's not to say questions are bad).

Lots of folks will show up for CPE, but may not really be interested in 
the subject.

That's a pet peeve of mine, people showing up to get credit. I actually 
had to ask a few people to leave a class at the local University as they 
were more happy to sit at the back chatting and playing around than they 
were to learn about Metasploit. I find it strange, as I'd turn up to learn 
these things even without (CPE) credit or a degree at the end of it. I 
guess some people are just built differently.

Are you running the class again for another group ? it always goes 
smoother the second time.


P.S: As an open question to people who develop training classes. How long 
do you spend developing the class and how detailed are your notes on what 
to cover ?

I usually spend about 6/7 hours per hour of class (including developing 
labs) and tend to rely on whats in my head instead of official class 

pauldotcom-bounces at mail.pauldotcom.com () inet wrote on 25.05.2009 01:20:40:

Well, I ran the class Saturday, unfortunately things di not go as 
smoothly as 
I would have liked. Originally, this was going to be one 4hr class, but 
had something come up so he could not cover WEP/WPA cracking, and my 
took so long that Brian never got a chance to present his material on 
I'm hoping to get them back to do a part 2 of this video. In this 
section I 
cover the basics of WiFi, good chipsets, open file shares, monitor mode, 
driving tools, testing injection, deauth attacks and the evil twin 
Some of this comes out as kind of a stream of consciousness, but 
hopefully you
can find some useful nuggets from my brain dump of what I've learned 
802.11a/b/g/n hacking. As far as classes goes this is the mostly 
one I've set up.


Things I've learned by trying to teach this class:

1. Wireless classes take lots of wires. Brian and I had to run a lot of 
to get all of our routers, video equipment and laptops functioning.
2. I have no idea how long it will take me to demo something live.
3. The Jeffersonville library needs more APs.
4. Lots of folks will show up for CPE, but may not really be interested 
in the subject.
5. Don't chew gum while teaching.
6. My VGA to S-Video adapter needs some adjusting so it does not crop 
the sides.

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