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How much wiping do you do? :)
From: jmanley at aledobb.com (Jim Manley)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 09:24:57 -0500

Chris Merkel wrote:
In my world, disks with sensitive data are either zapped in a degausser
or dropped into a shredder.  The customer doesn't allow overwriting of
any kind.

Unclass drives are just overwritten since there's really nothing on them
that is worth the national lab type of attack necessary to get any
residual bits off them.

Just for the sake of everyone on-list, it may be worth noting two
things about degaussing:

1. A strong magnet or a bulk tape eraser won't cut it for hard drives.
You're using a special-purpose degausser, probably a Garner model?

Exactly.  The thing looks like an oversize commercial microwave.  Makes
a heck of a racket when you pop the drive. There's enough energy release
to cause the drives to be physically re-arranged in the deguassing
chamber.  You start out with a nice neat stack, hit the button a couple
of times, and end up with drives jumbled all over the place.

2. Degaussing also erases the control track information, which means
that you can't reuse the drive. It's like shredding without the sharp

Erases the control track and pretty much fries any programmable devices
on the controller board.  In this case, not being able to reuse the
drives is a good thing.

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