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Misc Web Pen testing scripts
From: "Baggett, Mark" <mark.baggett () morris com>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 12:31:09 -0400

I'm trying to learn python.  Userpass.py was my first python script.
Eventually, I am going to write something that doesn't completely suck.
There scripts are still a work in progress.  Send me comments and
suggestion off list.  I hope they are useful. If you find errors before
I post these to the blog I'd appreciate a heads up.

Mark Baggett

Use to demonstrate POST based XSS attacks to a customer.  Put get2post
on a single host then you can create URL's with the POST values for the
customer.  Same functionality as
http://www.whiteacid.org/misc/xss_post_forwarder.php but on your own
server so you are not disclosing a customers XSS issues to a third

Grabs URL's & cookies as you browse and launches the tool of choice.
Here is a demo video http://www.vimeo.com/14667308

This is a MySQL blind SQL injector that uses a much different SQL
injection technique.  Instead of repeatedly cutting the alphabet in half
or brute forcing the letters it uses a per letter frequency table to
predict the next letter.  For example, if you have a Q there is a HIGH
probability that the next letter is a U. The technique is discussed and
outlined here:
http://www.exploit-db.com/papers/13696/  47 fewer guesses than
bsqlbf.pl!  79 vs 126

I implemented this technique in python.   You give the script a
vulnerable URL, and you put your SQL query in the URL with carets as
markers at the point on injection.  This syntax enables flexible url

mark.baggett$ $ python sqlinjector.py
end of word found
Found target acuart in 79 guesses.
mtcexcp007:misc mark.baggett$ 

mark.baggett$ perl bsqlbf.pl -blind cat -sql "database()" -url

 // Blind SQL injection brute force.
 // aramosf () 514 es / http://www.514.es

 trying: acuart#### results:                                  
 database() = acuart
 total hits: 126

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