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Re: [PEN-TEST] Looking for slides
From: Bennett Todd <bet () RAHUL NET>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:11:29 -0500

2000-10-31-11:15:28 Ed Lamaster:
About 6 months ago I stumbled on a Powerpoint presentation that
had some interesting information about how long it took a stock
RedHat box (think it was 5.2, but I might be wrong) to be
discovered and completely compromised on a university network.
My recollection was that the total time elapsed was around 3 or
4 months.

Whew. I find that astonishing. I'd have put the expected time at a
few days, and I'd be completely unsurprised to see a stock Unix
system (any vendor, never seen one secure out of the box[*]) get
knocked flat even before the install finished. It all depends on the
current climate of folks running automated scanners in your part of
the net. I always and only install on secured private networks, and
don't expose servers to the internet until inetd is killed, sendmail
is killed, lpd is killed, BIND is killed, portmapper is killed, ....


[*] I haven't run OpenBSD for a few years, probably won't be
bothering unless they get a software package manager and use it for
their release engineering. I did build a firewall on it once,
perhaps in '98? I manually configured down some IPSEC-related
daemons they had left enabled by default, and only a few weeks later
they reported an urgent update to replace those daemons, since there
was a security problem with one of them. At least that's my

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