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Re: [PEN-TEST] ios/cisco packet sniffer...
From: Sheldon Dubrowin <dubrowin () YAHOO COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 08:52:05 -0500

I had a friend that did do a tftp boot of the uClinux on a 2500.  He was able
to get it to boot, but ifconfig did a core dump every time he tried to bring
up an interface.  This was several months ago, maybe it's better now.


On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 09:53:16PM -0500, Bennett Todd wrote:
2000-10-31-20:55:26 Bennett Todd:

Good-news bad-news kinda thing here. Etaoin Shrdlu
<shrdlu () deaddrop org> pointed out to me that my bookmark had gone
stale, was a dead link, but then pointed me at
<URL:http://www.uclinux.org/ports/>, which seems to have a copy of
the same dead link I'd bookmarked, plus another dead link to the
alleged patch file for the port. I can't say that I had a Cisco
2500, 3000, or 4000 lying around on which I wanted to replace IOS by
uClinux, but nonetheless some perverted part of me hopes that this
is real and not a bizzarre hoax. The world needs things like this
to keep us from getting too serious.

I'd really kinda like to have a 2500 as a workstation, sitting
behind a PC running Zebra on Linux as a router, just because.


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