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Re: [PEN-TEST] ports
From: Andrew Brown <atatat () ATATDOT NET>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 16:16:50 -0400

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any URLs which list everything that would
be on certain ports.  I know of a large /etc/services file on the web at
this URL:
but it is not complete.  Specifically, I am trying to find out what runs
on ports 6010 and 6011 on linux boxes.

that seems to be a rough copy of the regular iana ports (or services)
list.  good, but by no means complete.

x11               6010/tcp              # x window system
x11               6010/udp              # x window system
x11               6011/tcp              # x window system
x11               6011/udp              # x window system

i found the above info at  http://www.graffiti.com/services
hope this helps,

that one's mine :), and if you find things that aren't listed in it,
please drop me a line.  i'm trying to make it as comprehensive as
possible, although keep in mind that the more that goes into it...the
less useful it might actually be to you.  as was discussed recently on
the nmap-hackers lists (nmap-hackers () insecure org), the knowledge that
(a) a port is open and (b) what it's supposed to be used for do *not*
mean that's actually what it is.

i can run just about anything on just about any port i feel like.  the
oonly reason for using standard ports for standard services is so that
people that you don't know (but with whom you presumably want to share
information) can find your servers.  that, and brain dead software
that won't accept anything but the defaults.

http is a great example; people will run a web server on just about
any port.  that's part of the attraction of urls.  you can specify the
port in the url itself.  just wait for srv dns records to come into

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