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Re: [PEN-TEST] Certification
From: Sean Duffy <Sean.Duffy () TAS ALCATEL CA>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 17:10:33 -0400

I agree certification does not mean people have several years of
experience. Take the MCSE for example. For a while our company would only
hire MCSE's. At one point 3 were brought in to solve a staffing problem on
contract. One survived only a few weeks, before getting booted, one was
hired for the job, and the third was let go when the second one was hired.

I think today too many people graduate with crtifications that are only in

I have also talked to Headhunters that don't feel qualified people don't
necessarily need things such as MCSE to get good jobs.

I think I read one e-mail in the last couple of days (I can't remember off
which Security Focus mailing list, I think it might have been this one - I
subscribe to several) where you have to have a few years experince in the
field before they will let you write the exam plus several years of other
relevant exprienceas well.

Certification is a money making scheme. If you are good at writing tests,
then you might have several certifications that you really don't deserve

just my 0.02 worth

Sean Duffy

                    Eric Lauzon
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           I reallt dont think that the certification that people take is
really a reflect of their knowledge i mean why is there
           cause there is people that want to make money out of it.
Certification should be issued by a non profit organisation that
           really take time and build test that test the users and it not
related to $$$ witch is one of the reasons why the industrie right
now is
           divided betwen people that know what they do and other people
think they know cause they where tought and are certified. No all
certified people are certified for money but alot and ALOT of them
are cause they could do the same job whitout being certified but by
being certified they can just make the big bucks..anyhow that was my
less than 2 penny opinion.

Eric Lauzon

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