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RE: Xprobe 0.0.2 Released
From: "Fernando Cardoso" <fernando.cardoso () whatevernet com>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:44:35 +0100


Just did a little hack on logic_tree.c in order to identify IBM OS/400.

Without this, xprobe would identify OS/400 boxes as "Novell (FreeBSD
4.3-current(?)". Main differences between Novell and OS/400:

- TTL is 128 for Novell and 64 for OS/400
- OS/400, as opposite to Novell, replies to ICMP Timestamp queries
- Every reply from OS/400 (echo or tstamp) is marked with TOS=32

I used the latter approach, since TTL can be deceptive with boxes many hops
away and Timestamp would require a new packet to be issued.

Use at your own risk :)

[root () brutus xprobe-0.0.2]# diff logic_tree.c
                              if (icmpecho_res->ip->ip_tos == 0x20) {
                                 tree_message("TOS 32");
                                   fin_message("IBM OS/400");
                                   return 38;
                              } else {

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