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NAI ePolicy Orchestrator
From: Blake Frantz <blake () mc net>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:15:13 -0600 (CST)


I'm looking for a whitepaper on securing NAI ePolicy Orchestrator and
can't seem to find anything solid.  We are performing an internal audit of
our machines and found the the ePolicy Orchestrator Servers all listen on
ports 80,8080,8081 -- Each port redirects back to the same directory

EVTFILTR.INI  322     09/20/2001 12:45 AM  
NAIMSERV.LOG  1094     10/26/2001 06:23 PM  
SERVER.INI  277     10/10/2001 10:00 PM  
SITEINFO.INI  268     10/10/2001 10:00 PM  

The contents of two of the files are below:

[SERVER.INI] (I modified the hash, but the length is still the same)

[Server] DataSource=EPOAV Database=ePO_EPOAV UserName=sa
UseNTAccount=0 HTTPPort=80 AgentHttpPort=8081 ConsoleHTTPPort=8080
MaxHttpConnection=1000 EventLogFileSizeLimit=2097152 MaxSoftInstall=25 



[SiteInfo] Version=1769 DefaultSite=Current Sites=Current [Current]
MasterSiteServer=xxxx Servers=xxxx [xxxx] ComputerName=xxxx
DNSName=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx LastKnownIP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx HTTPPort=80
AgentHttpPort=8081 ConsoleHTTPPort=8080  


These files appear to contain connection info to a MSSQL instance
using the sa account -- the password hash is even there.

My questions are:

Is this how a typical installation is *supposed* to look?  I think not,
but two of our servers yeild the same info.

Is the hash found in server.ini a MSSQL hash or a hash generated by the
EPO server itself?  

Does anyone have a whitepaper on properly securing these servers?

Thanks in advance,


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