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best tool to draw attack trees ??
From: "Kruse, Darren (DEH)" <Kruse.Darren2 () saugov sa gov au>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 13:30:18 +1030

I'm puzzling over what is the best way to draw attack trees. 
Attack trees provide a formal, methodical way of describing the security of
systems, based on varying attacks. Basically, you represent attacks against
a system in a tree structure, with the goal as the root node and different
ways of achieving that goal as leaf nodes. 
Bruce Schnier's Secrets and Lies - Digital Security in a Networked World
sr_8_67_1/002-8209990-0206427 , in particular chapter 21 covers Attack Trees
There's also a DDJ article on attack trees
http://www.ddj.com/documents/s=896/ddj9912a/9912a.htm (also by Bruce
Schnier) that covers virtually the same ground as the book. 
I'm thinking that it would make a really good motivational tool for
management to see what all the threats are against our systems.
Having a documented attack tree would also help me in identifying what holes
,and threats I need to worry about RIGHT NOW !
My first thought was to wade in, and start drawing with Visio - making use
of the layers feature to distinguish between different sets of values..
Possible / Impossible Cost script kiddie tool released ? 
But does anyone know of a more "closely-suited" tool than Visio ? I've done
a google search on "attack tree" software, and come up blank.
There are cheaper alternatives to Visio - maybe Kivio mp
http://www.thekompany.com/products/kivio/faq.php3 ?? Unfortunately, the KDE
version (Kivio without the mp suffix) doesn't do layers. :-(
Would a web interface be better ? - certainly for navigating between
threats, but how about when you want to see a larger part of the tree ? , or
the whole attack tree ??
Maybe MS Project ? - it's good at showing inter-related tasks , that have
dependancies and costs, and can output to HTML as well. 
How about when I want to add , or share bits of someone else's attack tree ?
It would be cool to be able to download discrete sub-branches, just like you
download additional Snort IDS signatures. 

Darren Kruse CCNP CCDP
WAN/LAN Networking Consultant
Mobile : (+61) 0407 446 399
mailto://darren_kruse () hotmail com

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