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ettercap help
From: "Mike Brentlinger" <mdbrentlinger () hotmail com>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 16:37:32 -0400

Ok, based on http://ettercap.sourceforge.net/

ettercap supposedly captures vnc passwords, ie

  Password collector for : TELNET, FTP, POP, ... VNC, ...

I have the following setup but cannot for the life of me get it to work..

ip : (vnc client)
mac: aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa  ---------------|
ip : (ettercap)               |
mac: bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb  ------------- tried both hub & switch
ip : (vnc server)             |
mac: cc:cc:cc:cc:cc:cc  ---------------|

I can get it to sniff telnet, ftp, pop, smb, but no vnc. I have the following default entry in my etter.conf file under the dissectors section.
   VNC=ON               # tcp    5900-5905
and based on the etter.conf file it doesnt appear as though this password sniff requires any arp spoofing of any type.

when i run it on my windows, trinux, or redhat machine i get similar results such as below,

C:\Program Files\ettercap>ettercap.exe -NCzds
ettercap 0.6.7 (c) 2002 ALoR & NaGA
List of available devices :
 --> [dev0] - [3Com EtherLink PCI]
 --> [dev2] - [3Com 3C90x Ethernet Adapter]
Please select one of the above, which one ? [0]: 0
Your IP: with MAC: 00:B0:D0:7B:DD:15 on Iface: dev0
Press 'h' for help...
Sniffing (IP based): ANY:0 <--> ANY:0
TCP + UDP packets... (default)
Collecting passwords...

15:18:13 <-->         netbios-ssn
USER: blah
LC 2.5 FORMAT: "blah":x:blah:blah

15:19:44 <-->                pop3
USER: blah
PASS: pass

what am i doing wrong? what would the proper command line start up be? Im not even sure I need to apr spoof since it I havent seen anywhere specifically that its needed for vnc... ive read the man and it has an example...

"ettercap -NCza -D 100 55:23:A5:B4:C7:89 00:A3:56:FE:4F:6D Collect password to stdout on a switched LAN. this will poison the two host and each other. "

But thats not all that helpful, espicaily with out a diagram... are those the ips and macs of the 2 hosts? the dest and man in middle? the src and man in middle?

please help

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