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RE: How much do you disclose to customers?
From: "Kinnane, Scott" <Scott.Kinnane () ISATechnologies com>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:39:20 +0800

I'd explain to the customer that in a real security attack, you don't
know the source of the attack when it starts, so you need to simulate as
real a situation as possible. The logs would come in handy as you could
offer that as proof of what was coming from you.

At least if they (including technical staff) know a time when you are
doing the test, they can be prepared for consequences and as you say,
ignore your attempts. I know this contradicts my previous point, but

Put it this way: if I were the customer, I'd rather know that my
security measures are so thoroughly tested by your tests that they are
as bullet proof as possible.


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Subject: Re: How much do you disclose to customers?

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Joe P wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have a question on customer disclosure.  Is it wise to tell the
customer  which IP addresses you'll be
using before starting pen tests?

Cons for Telling:
I was thinking that if you did tell them you may get an 
over zealous,
insecure admin that just sets up a
filter to block you out to make him/herself look good.

Pros for Telling:
1) if you don't tell them your IP address they may think your doing
testing when in actuallity it's someone
else (ie: a true cracker trying to break in).
2) Audit trail reasons - if you trip up an IDS while doing testing 
can ignore those alarms.

Also, how do testers handle multiple IP addresses?  Is there any 
to doing it from multiple IP

How do testers distribute a test amongst multiple people?

Lastly,  do you keep logs of tests performed just to cover yourself?
(Ie: "Our server crashed on Saturday,
it must have been something you did!!"")

thanks ahead of time,

Alfred Huger
Symantec Corp.



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