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RE: RE: Session & IP Spoofing
From: "Micheal Thompson" <MThompson () brinkster com>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 17:11:53 -0500

But the GET has to be completed in the Transmition window allowed by the specific host machine. 

The Packet has to be crafted in such a way that all information is sent in a sequenced window and the Data packet has 
to be sequenced in such a way that the upper layer of the host machine can properly send it to the upper layers. If the 
sequence is not what is to be expected the PDU will be dropped.

So the real question is

1.      What are you going to utilize to craft the packet? And is the   functionality to craft the packet going to 
complete you goal.

2.      Is the stimulus you are trying to provide going to produce a output     that is going to need to be analyzed by 
the attacker or is it a hope    and pray routine? Hope that the code works and pray that I can do what  I want with it 
via another process.

3.    The history of session "playback" it to receive the data you are          "playing back". So spoofing is kind of 
worthless unless you are         spoofing the address of a host that can receive the return traffic.
      But if you are you're using the session information to gain       access to   
      the host to execute code that the access granted by the session will      give you access to execute the code; 
then that is a valid reason for    spoofing. 
3.      Or is this to see if I can do this and log it.

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From: MARTIN M. BĂ©noni [mailto:benoni_martin () hotmail com] 
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2003 12:15 PM
To: pirepire69 () romandie com; Micheal Thompson; pen-test () securityfocus com
Subject: RE: RE: Session & IP Spoofing

I think you have at lesat the two following solutions:
- Two machines: the first one sends the real GET to the second one, which 
forwards the request to the target after sooping the IP (with Hping2 for 
-  Just a machine, a Windows one: a programm such as RafaleX should allow 
you to send whatever you want, even spoofing the MAC source address. Nemesis 
can create a custom packet (but i am not sure the payload can be an HTTP 

Hope these hints will help!

From: "pire pire" <pirepire69 () romandie com>
To: MThompson () brinkster com, <pen-test () securityfocus com>
Subject: RE: RE: Session & IP Spoofing
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 10:54:18 +0100

No I don't care about the return traffic! All I
need is to sen I GET request with a spoofed IP!


GET /toto.php?sessionId=123456&transfer=1000
Host: www.toto.com

I just need to send this request to the server
with the ip adress belonging to the sessionID
I've got throuh my XSS!

So how do you do that?

Thanks for your help

You can spoof any IP. The question is do you
want the return traffic.

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 From: pire pire
[mailto:pirepire69 () romandie com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 5:02 PM
To: pen-test () securityfocus com
Subject: Session & IP Spoofing


I've found a vulnerability in a Web App which
gave me via an XSS the sessionID token.

I would like to replay this token. But the
session ID manager (on the server) seems to
also to IP adresses.

So my question is: Is there a way to spoof my
address in order to replay the sessionID??

and some how spoof of my IP?!

If I replay the sessionid from my machine or an
other machine behind my NAT (same outside IP)

Thanks a lot for your help


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