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Re: Obfuscated shellcode
From: "Don Parker" <dparker () rigelksecurity com>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 19:08:02 -0500 (EST)

Hi dk, thanks for the input :-) I already had the list, but thanks anyways. You are 
quite correct of course that this type of thing should be included in a pentest. But 
that is just in my opinion. Though this type of attack has a limited time window it is 
still quite effective for obvious reasons. 
Don Parker, GCIA 
Intrusion Detection Specialist 
Rigel Kent Security & Advisory Services Inc 
ph :613.249.8340 
On Feb 24, dk <dk () pwarchitects com> wrote: 
Don Parker wrote: 
Hello all, do any of you bother using obfuscated eggs during a pentest? I ask here for 
got no responses elsewhere. Though changing the well known x90 sled to some other 1 
function that won't affect the egg won't work against a patched service it will, 
elude an IDS signature.   
Hi don, 
        I realize this message is 23 days after your post, and not fully OT; But it  
came to mind when you mentioned non-\x00 codes. It's a list from an old snort  
preprocessor... Not sure if they moved this into the core project or not, been  
a while since I've ran a snort NIDS.  Anyway, it has been handy before, and  
I've forgotten where I got it from, 'prolly old snort code that you have  
already, but if not... 
Oh, BTW. Though I don't pentest professionally, it would seem logical to run  
tests that are similar to that which /may/ happen in the field. non-\x00 is  
used there, so why not in a p-test? Seems like it would increase the quality  
of work provided with little cost on your end up front. 
NOP Equivalent opcodes for shellcodes - Canonical List 
Used by snort:spp_fnord.c nop sled detector - www.snort.org 
Information on this polymorphic mutated shelcode detection 
will be provided at CanSecWest/core02 - <a href='http://cansecwest.org&apos;>http://
and SANS Real World Intrusion Detection - <a href='http://sans.org&apos;>http://sans.org</a> 
Please mail any additions or mistakes to Dragos Ruiu (dr () kyx net) 
v1.0 - 2002 Feb 26  
Arch  Code (hex, 00=wild)       Opcode 
----  -----------------         --------------------- 
HPPA   08 21 02 9a               xor %r1,%r1,%r26         
HPPA   08 41 02 83               xor %r1,%r2,%r3          
HPPA   08 a4 02 46               or  %r4,%r5,%r6          
HPPA   09 04 06 8f               shladd %r4,2,%r8,%r15    
HPPA   09 09 04 07               sub %r9,%r8,%r7          
HPPA   09 6a 02 8c               xor %r10,%r11,%12        
HPPA   09 cd 06 0f               add %r13,%r14,%r15       
Sprc   20 bf bf 00               bn -random         
IA32   27                        daa                           '  
IA32   2f                        das                           /  
IA32   33 c0                     xor %eax,%eax   
IA32   37                        aaa                           7  
IA32   3f                        aas                           ?  
IA32   40                        inc %eax                      @  
IA32   41                        inc %ecx                      A  
IA32   42                        inc %edx                      B  
IA32   43                        inc %ebx                      C  
IA32   44                        inc %esp                      D  
IA32   45                        inc %ebp                      E  
IA32   46                        inc %esi                      F  
IA32   47                        inc %edi                      G  
IA32   48                        dec %eax,                     H  
IA32   4a                        dec %edx                      J  
IA32   4b                        dec %ebx                      K  
IA32   4c                        dec %esp                      L  
IA32   4d                        dec %ebp,                     M  
IA32   4e                        dec %esi                      N  
IA32   4f                        dec %edi                      O  
IA32   50                        push %eax                     P  
IA32   51                        push %ecx                     Q  
IA32   52                        push %edx                     R  
IA32   53                        push %ebx                     S  
IA32   54                        push %dsp                     T  
IA32   55                        push %ebp                     U  
IA32   56                        push %esi                     V  
IA32   57                        push %edi                     W  
IA32   58                        pop %eax                      X  
IA32   59                        pop %ecx                      Y  
IA32   5a                        pop %edx                      Z  
IA32   5b                        pop %ebx                      [  
IA32   5d                        pop %ebp                      ]  
IA32   5e                        pop %esi                      ^  
IA32   5f                        pop %edi                      _  
IA32   60                        pusha                         `  
IA32   6b c0 00                  imul N,%eax     
Sprc   81 d0 20 00               tn random          
IA32   83 e0 00                  and N,%eax      
IA32   83 c8 00                  or  N,%eax      
IA32   83 e8 00                  sub N,%eax      
IA32   83 f0 00                  xor N,%eax      
IA32   83 f8 00                  cmp N,%eax      
IA32   83 f9 00                  cmp N,%ecx      
IA32   83 fa 00                  cmp N,%edx      
IA32   83 fb 00                  cmp N,%ebx      
IA32   83 c0 00                  add N,%eax      
IA32   85 c0                     test %eax,%eax  
IA32   87 d2                     xchg %edx,%edx  
IA32   87 db                     xchg %ebx,%ebx  
IA32   87 c9                     xchg %ecx,%ecx  
Sprc   89 a5 08 22               fadds %f20,%f2,%f4 
IA32   8c c0                     mov %es,%eax    
IA32   8c e0                     mov %fs,%eax    
IA32   8c e8                     mov %gs,%eax    
IA32   90                        regular NOP     
IA32   91                        xchg %eax,%ecx  
IA32   92                        xchg %eax,%edx  
IA32   93                        xchg %eax,%ebx  
HPPA   94 6c e0 84               subi,OD  42,%r3,%r12    
IA32   95                        xchg %eax,%ebp  
IA32   96                        xchg %eax,%esi  
Sprc   96 23 60 00               sub %o5, 42,%o3   
Sprc   96 24 80 12               sub %l2,%l2,%o3    
IA32   97                        xchg %eax,%edi  
IA32   98                        cwtl            
Sprc   98 3e 80 12               xnor %i2,%l2,%o4   
IA32   99                        cltd            
IA32   9b                        fwait           
IA32   9c                        pushf           
IA32   9e                        safh            
IA32   9f                        lahf            
Sprc   a0 26 e0 00               sub %i3, 42,%l0   
Sprc   a2 03 40 12               add %o5,%l2,%l1    
Sprc   a2 0e 80 13               and %i2,%l3,%l1    
Sprc   a2 1a 40 0a               xor %o1,%o2,%l1    
Sprc   a2 1c 80 12               xor %l2,%l2,%l1    
Sprc   a4 04 e0 00               add %l3, 42,%l2   
Sprc   a4 27 40 12               sub %i5,%l2,%l2    
Sprc   a4 32 a0 00               orn %o2, 42,%l2   
IA32   b0 00                     mov N,%eax      
Sprc   b2 03 60 00               add %o5, 42,%i1   
Sprc   b2 26 80 19               sub %i2,%i1,%i1    
HPPA   b5 03 e0 00               addi,OD  42,%r8,%r3     
HPPA   b5 4b e0 00               addi,OD  42,%r10,%r11   
Sprc   b6 06 40 1a               add %i1,%i2,%i3    
Sprc   b6 16 40 1a               or  %i1,%i2,%i3    
Sprc   b6 04 80 12               add %l2,%l2,%i3    
Sprc   b6 03 60 00               add %o5, 42,%i3   
Sprc   ba 56 a0 00               umul %i2, 42,%i5  
IA32   c1 c0 00                  rol N,%eax      
IA32   c1 c8 00                  ror N,%eax      
IA32   c1 e8 00                  shr N,%eax      
HPPA   d0 e8 0a e9               shrpw %r8,%r7,8,%r9      
IA32   f5                        cmc             
IA32   f7 d0                     not %eax        
IA32   f8                        clc             
IA32   f9                        stc             
IA32   fc                        cld             


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