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Re: By passing surf control
From: thomas adams <tgadams () bellsouth net>
Date: 26 Feb 2004 19:15:46 -0000

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Most of the techniques involving obfuscation no longer work(with newer versions of SurfControl). Key question here, is 
what version of SurfControl are you running? Is it possible the user is not even really bypassing SurfControl but more 
bypassing a firewall rule? I am aware SurfControl can monitor several ports, but what ports do you have it set to 
monitor? If you are just monitoring 80/443 then a user could very well setup a box outside the network to listen on say 
port 22. By 'bouncing' to this box he can very easily 'bypass' SurfControl. But, like I said that isn't really 
bypassing SurfControl as it is a firewall rule.
Cant remember if this was mentioned or not, but the Web Report Server should also be disabled. It is vulnerable to 
several differant attacks that could allow remote compromise. Doing this, the user could then add a rule to allow him 
anywhere/anytime. But, this all depends on your version.

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From: Charles Hamby <fixer () gci net>
Subject: Re: By passing surf control
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To: "McNutt, Jacob" <JMcNutt () universalaccess net>
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Have you tried checking to see if IP address obfuscation works?

In case anyone's not familair with this...

Using http://www.amazon.com as an example.  If I wanted to go there but 
it was blocked, I would find out what the IP address of www.amazon.com 
is (say using ping).

In this case it happens to be  I would then convert each 
octet into hex individually.  (207 is CF, 171 is AB, 181 is B5 and 16 is 10)
Then I would put CFABB510 into my calculator (Windows calculator works 
just fine for this, by the way) and conver it to decimal again.  I would 
come up with 3484136720
I would open up my web browser and put in http://3484136720 and up comes 

Charles Hamby

McNutt, Jacob wrote:

SSH tunneling/port forwarding to a proxy might work if they have access to it.  Also, we have a problem with AOL 
client browsers that can bypass Websense all together.

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From: Kudakwashe Chafa-Govha [mailto:KChafa-Govha () bankunitedfla com] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:04 PM
To: pen-test () securityfocus com
Subject: By passing surf control

Hello Group,

Does anyone have any information on how to by pass a web content filter? We use Surf Control to monitor and filter 
web content. However, I have one of my users who was able to by pass this. We tried using a proxy to by pass just for 
testing purposes but it did not work. I am still trying to figure out what other method he used to do so. If anyone 
has any information , it will be greatly appreciated.



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