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Vulnerability Scanning
From: "wirepair" <wirepair () roguemail net>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:38:57 -0800

lo all,
After reviewing some scan results and finding a number of false positives from nessus (primarly in XP hosts), I began to become a bit more concerned than I already was.
This is in no way reflecting upon nessus's ability to find vulnerabilities and I truely believe all scanners have these 
The question is, what does everyone else do about this? Obviously scanners are never going to be 100% accurate. So I 
to think of ways of checking if these vulnerabilities exist or not. First using a known exploit obviously gives a more 
analysis, but known exploits aren't always available. Yes I can write my own for said vulnerability but sometimes this isn't exactly
possible, for instance some vulnerabilities require a user to say click on a malicious link, which isn't always 
feasible when
testing 300 workstations. So what else can we do? Check the registry manually, this is an option but very time 
consuming, does
anyone actually do this??? At this point I believe I'm going to have to start trying. Does anyone simply say, some of 
these are
false positives and we can't do anything about it? I highly doubt a client will like to hear that. Also some 
vulnerabilities are
simply too dangerous, windows vulnerabilities in particular that can cause the host to reboot. Not every vulnerability is perfectly
exploited. So what are the other options people use/feel comfortable with?
Thanks for any responses...
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