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Re: Wireless Scanning
From: "Konstantin V. Gavrilenko" <mlists () arhont com>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:22:28 +0100

You can start by checking out the http://www.wi-foo.com/index-3.html for the list of relevant wireless attacking tools. You can also take a look at Wi-Foo book itself, the procedures are described in pretty much details.


just my 0.02$

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Chuck Fullerton wrote:

I'm currently looking for a tool (or compliment of tools) to perform
Wireless Scanning during a Pen test.  My plan is to Scan first for the
presence of 802.11(whatever), bluetooth, spycams, bugs, etc. Once these are
detected, then each of the items found can have their security tested.  My
goal of being able to do this is to Take a good security audit methodology
(such as the OSSTMM) and scale it down for small to medium business

Can any one recommend tools that they have used to detect these items?

Chuck Fullerton

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