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Re: Network Exploitation Tools
From: Iván Arce <ivan.arce () coresecurity com>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 19:41:56 -0300

darbean () cetin net cn wrote:

In-Reply-To: <200408191906.45416 () M3T4>

Would you please give me any hints for the keyword to search
>the so-called "fuzzing/exploit frameworks" and "complete pen-test
>framework" as you mentioned? I am interested and just can't find
>what you mentioned by google :( As I known, Core Impact had ever
>declared to be an "Automated Pen-test Framework" in its early
>version. In the meaning of covering the whole proceeding of pen-test
>from scanning to exploiting, "exploits framework" should be the main
>important part of "pen-test framework".

Well, that is at least debateable

Since you mention CORE IMPACT I'd like to point out some differences
and some concepts around it.

CORE IMPACT covers the entire process of a network penetration-test
according to our own methodolody. Eveybody has one, right? We call
ours RPT (Rapid Penetration Test) and we believe it does cover most
of current best-practices around network pentesting.

But I believe it would be a consensus that as part of a penetration
test you need to do some sort of information gathering and network
fingerprinting of the target network, find and exploit vulnerabilities,
leverage access on compromised systems to escalate privileges and/or
compromise other systems that were not accesible from the original
attackers launching pad, produce deliverables (reports) and leave
everything as it was before you started the penetration test (clean
up of tools and other stuff you changed/uploaded to compromised

Exploits and exploit-frameworks are an important part of that
entire process, but not the only part and perhaps not even the
most important one.

In the case of CORE IMPACT, we try to cover and automate the entire
process, the exploits (local and remote) bundled are used in
that process and you can use them manually as well.

Also note that an "exploits framework" can be used for things other
than just penetration testing such as testing IDSes and firewalls
or weeding out false positives/negatives from vuln. scanners and
patch deployments.

It might or might not be appropiate to put Metasploit, CANVAS and
CORE IMPACT on the same category, but they do have huge differences
in functionality, feature set, usability, support and maturity.

The common denominator is that the three of them ship with exploit


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