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Re: Tool to find hidden web proxy server
From: Jose Maria Lopez <jkerouac () bgsec com>
Date: 03 Sep 2004 19:20:10 +0200

El vie, 03 de 09 de 2004 a las 02:04, Gary E. Miller escribió:
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Yo Jose!

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Jose Maria Lopez wrote:

But if you allow in and out from specific ports you have at least a
second level of security over what the original poster said it had.
Only allowing out from some IPs it's possible, but I find it very
difficult to make rules for the outer IPs, having in mind the original
poster wants to have internet connection from the LAN for that

If you leave just ONE port open, then an insider can use it to tunnel
out.  That one port is often DNS/udp.  You have to work very, very,
hard to filter out IP over DNS/udp.  You could force the use of
an internal DNS server, but if it allows any recursive lookups out
of the firewall then game over.

This /. describes how to do it:

The insider does not even need an open port.  Only TCP/IP (proto 6) and
TCP/UDP (proto 17) use "ports".  The insider can just use a "portless"
protocol like TCP/ICMP (proto 1), TCP/ESP (proto 50), TCP/AH (proto 51),

There are several IPSEC stacks available as freeware that use TCP/ESP
and TCP/AH.

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I agree completely. And finding a firewall piercing through ICMP packets
for example can be quite tricky, and I have some tools that can proxy
traffic through a firewall with ICMP packets. The other protocols are
less dangerous, I think. If you don't need them you just block them at
the firewall, if you need them you just permit the traffic between the
VPN devices and not route all the traffic through them.

I think TREX can do some kind of application firewall for DNS, HTTP and
all the common services one wants to open at the firewall. But it's so
hard to compile it that I couldn't try it yet, but it could solve the

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